The children have been so excited to get back to school and see their friends again. They love to give each other their blocks with their pictures on it. We are taking every opportunity we can to focus on becoming familiar with the new routines in our class including taking turns with our friends, cleaning up each center after playing, sitting on the rug during circle time, walking safely to the playground, washing hands and then eating at the table, and napping. We are so impressed with how everyone is getting acclimated so quickly.

Classroom-PlayClassroom-Play2Classroom-Play3 Classroom-Play4

Along with that, we’ve been exploring and learning about familiar symbols used on Rosh Hashanah. We passed around a real shofar and the children each had a chance to touch and examine it and imitate the sounds it makes. We also started discovering information about honey. We looked at pictures of real bees and pointed out their parts and colors. We added stuffed bees to our “provocations/discovery table” and watched as the children brought them into the different areas of our classroom to incorporate them into their play. We also enjoyed buzzing around and flying like bees.


Morah brought in a real wooden honey dish and we enjoyed using it in various creative ways. We looked at the golden color of the honey and really enjoyed tasting it with our apples. The children’s faces were a treat as they experienced the sweetness and stickiness.

We are creating an Art Gallery in our classroom filled with original works by the children. Each child will have a special spot for their work. Our first art installation will be the children’s own representation of a honey collage. Using tissue paper and glue with dot paints, the children experienced different textures while working on their creations. Please come in and see!

Arts & craftMore arts & crafts

This week we set up and planted our brand new garden with beautiful fall flowers! We took turns shoveling the dirt and digging holes to put the plants in. After we put the flowers into the dirt, we passed around the spray bottles and everyone got a chance to spray the flowers and help them grow. We hope they’ll stay nice and strong! In the playground, some children chose to continue experimenting and exploring with the shovels and spray bottles.

Gardening!More gardening!Even more gardening!

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Morah Chavie and Morah Kerry