We’ve been continuing our honey explorations for the last few days. We touched a piece of a real beehive! No there were no bees nearby. Morah had brought an old one into school. We made sure to touch it gently with one finger so it wouldn’t break. It felt bumpy and our fingers fit perfectly in the little holes!

We noticed the texture of the hive. We made beehive prints by painting bubble wrap and then stamping them onto paper. The bumps from the bubble wrap made the paint on the paper look just like the holes we saw in the hive. Lieba said, “Look at my beehive!”

At snack time, everyone got a spoonful of honey to taste as we sang Dip the Apple in the Honey.



Lia said, “I don’t like it.”

Zachary ate the whole thing.

Lauren said, “Can I have more please?”

Emily smiled when she tasted it and asked for more.

Lieba said, “I want to smell it! It smells like honey!”

We also explored apples. We held a red apple, a green apple, and a yellow apple. We noticed though they were all round, they each looked different from the other. Then we cut them up for a yummy snack, tasted each of them and said which one we like best. Uriel, Lieba, Emily, and Lia said they like green apples, Lauren said she likes red apples, and Maayan, Simon, and Zachary chose yellow. Lauren said, “It smells like food!”

img_2694 1img_2687

We created a beehive to hang from the tree in our classroom. We looked at pictures of real beehives and noticed their shape and color. We looked again at our real beehive in the classroom and remembered the color and the holes. On the large brown butcher paper we painted with yellow paint as the first step because it reminds us of honey. We used all different kinds of paintbrushes and made big strokes back and forth, little dots, and circles. Next we used pieces of fabric stuffing to create the shape of the hive.  After the paint dried, we cut the paper into strips and took turns taping them on to our structure. Next we each made a little bee to buzz around the beehive. We’ve been having fun making the stuffed bee on our Rosh Hashana table fly around and say “bzzzzz!” And now we can fly around our class hive and buzz like bees, too!




Our garden has been growing beautifully! We water it every day. Since Monday was so rainy, we let the rain water the flowers for us and we stayed inside to create a welcome sign for the garden. Morah Kerry taped the words “IBECC Garden” onto 2 pieces of wood and we collaborated with the Sunflower Class to sponge paint the whole thing yellow and blue. When it dries, we’ll peel off the tape and see the wood letters underneath. We can’t wait to see how it will look hanging outside! Please come and see our garden! We are so proud of our handiwork!


When we came into the classroom one day, there were special cardboard blocks in our block center. The children wondered, “What are these for?” They weren’t sure, so Morah Chavie helped us think of ideas of what we could do with them. First, she set them up in a square. Emily decided to go inside the square and then jump out. She was having so much fun that more children came over to join her. They stepped over them, jumped over them, and knocked them over. 3 people fit inside but it got a little squishy, so Lia said, “We need to make it bigger!” Lauren asked, “Can these be my castle?” Then Uriel stacked them up in a pile.



We can’t wait to see what the children will think of next!