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In continuing with our Rosh Hashanah explorations, we revisited our Tashlich pond. Last week we had so much fun painting it with our feet. The children loved the feel of the paint squishing between their toes. Our next step was to add another layer to the pond. We notice that when we look at water it seems shiny on the surface, and we wanted our pond to be shiny, too. We looked at our paper and noticed it wasn’t shiny so we looked at other types of paper. We chose cellophane and since we only had clear we painted it blue, and glued it on our Tashlich pond. When we spoke about what we find in a pond we mentioned little fish so we added those as well. Now when we sing our Tashlich song, we will go to our pond and throw all our Aveirot away!



We discussed that a pomegranate is another special food that is eaten on Rosh Hashanah. We actually brought one into our classroom. We looked at the outside and noticed it looked different than our apples. Then we looked at what it looks like inside. All those tiny seeds. We dipped the pomegranate in red paint and pressed it on paper. It was so much fun to look at the shape that the pomegranate made (a circle). And some of the seeds fell out onto the paper as well! Wait till you hear what we did next!! To be continued…

The children have loved manipulating our sculpting clay so much that they began integrating Rosh Hashanah items into their creations! Last week the children said they were creating space ships and dinosaurs out of the clay. This week they began forming apples and shofarot and snakes to twist into beehives!!  Since we dip apples in honey, the yeladim made an apple as a base for their honey pot. We put a real apple in the middle of the table and noted its round, circular shape and stem. Then the children rolled the clay into a ball, and the flattened the ball as much as they could to be flat like a plate. What else was missing? The yeladim knew the apple needed a stem. The children mentioned that real apples have a color. So we will wait until the clay dries. We can’t wait to paint them!img_3143img_3139