The following is a true story!! Every bit of it!

Rabbi Mischel loves to spend time in our classrooms! As a matter of fact, if you are supposed to meet with him and can’t find him, come visit us!! That is exactly where he was found this week! And he brought with him a very special Shofar. Rabbi Mischel tells us that every year on Rosh Hashana it is his job to say out loud the names of each shofar note so the blower knows what to blow. He told us he says Tekiah and waits to hear one long note, Shevarim, he waits to hear 3 shorter notes, Teruah he listens for many quick notes, and his favorite Tekiah Gedolah, one really really really long note! Well we wanted him to blow his shofar for us. But Rabbi Mischel said, with a very sad expression on his face, that he has never really been able to get any sounds out of his shofar. Well, we told Rabbi Mischel that it is important to keep trying and not to get discouraged. We cheered him on and said, “You can do it!” So Rabbi Mischel put the shofar up to his mouth and we all shouted, “Tekiah!” and guess what!! Rabbi Mischel was able to blow the Tekiah!! He looked so happy. So we shouted, “Shevarim!!” And again he was able to do it!! Rabbi M was getting excited now. We shouted , “Teruah!!!” Well, What do you think we heard!! And Rabbi Mischel said to us, “Yeladim, I can’t believe it!! Do you think we should try for the Tekiah Gedolah? I don’t think I can do it! After all those, it might be too much for me.” And he looked so unsure. Well, these kids would not give up! They looked at the Rabbi and said, “We want to hear your Tekiah Gedolah!” And so they shouted, “Tekiah Gedolah!!!!!” And boy did the Rabbi try! He was blowing that shofar so hard and so long that his whole face turned red!!! We couldn’t believe it!! We were so proud of him!! And Rabbi Mischel told us he had been trying all day and wasn’t able to get any sounds out of the shofar until he came down to be with us.

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Watch out, Mr. Shofar Blower! The Rabbi may want to switch jobs on you this year!!

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This week we also had a nice visit from Firefighter Kevin. He told us he heard we had been practicing going to our safety spot outside and that he was so proud of us and how quickly we get out of the building. He told us he would come back real soon with his fire truck. We can’t wait!!!

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