It’s been a busy week with the Sunflowers!

Our clay apple sculptures dried so we were able to paint them “apple red” or “apple green”. They look great!

img_3192 img_3161
As we continued our focus on bees, we looked at large pictures of real bees. We observed the parts of a bee and noted the abdomen and wings and yellow and black stripes. With this information the children were then able to create their own version of a bee by painting the base of the body yellow and then adding black stripes as well. The yeladim are excited to place their very own bees on the container for their honey pot.

img_3350 img_3351
Not only did we create pretend bees, we actually pretended to be bees as well. We listened to the music composed by Rimsky-Korsakov, “Flight of the Bumble Bee”, and since we learned that bees communicate by wiggling and dancing, we wiggled and danced to the song! The song is very fast, just how bees fly from flower to flower and slurp up the pollen and nectar. We had a great time!

img_3330 img_3333
We love cutting, so we recycled pretty Rosh Hashanah cards and cut them into different shapes. Then the yeladim glued the shapes on to a big piece of brown butcher paper. We added ‘LeShana Tova’ in Hebrew on the top and it looks great. We are going to hang it upstairs in the lobby!

img_3306 img_3322
Last but not least, since we stamped with pomegranates on paper, we decided we weren’t finished enjoying this special fruit! We actually made pomegranate play dough! First, we smelled our real pomegranate fruit. Next, we explained to the yeladim that some people make teas out of delicious fruit. We showed them pomegranate tea. They smelled it and they all liked the smell. We carefully put some hot water in a bowl to cover the tea, and we noticed that slowly the water was turning red!  We added this water to flour, salt, cream of tartar and oil, we mixed and then we had amazing pink pomegranate play dough! Perfect!

img_3431 img_3434img_3441

Since Thursday was the first day of a Fall, we went to the park to take a look at our tree that we have been observing each day to notice any changes. We noticed that the leaves are not all green anymore!  We picked leaves from the playground and with the sticks that we picked two weeks ago, you know what is coming! A Fall Collage!

img_3417 img_3418 img_3420 img_3423

Shabbat Shalom!