Rabbi Rosenblum came to our school and taught us how a shofar is made. The Torah uses a special word to tell us what type of horn from which animal. There are two categories for horns; one is Shofar and one is Keren. We only use shofar for this special mitzva. We use a horn that had a bone in it. It is best for the shofar is curly but if you only have a straight one that is ok. Rabbi R gave each child a shofar and they were able to sand their own shofar. This was so exciting.



Since last Thursday was the first day of fall, we started our exploration on this colorful season. We read “Ruby’s Falling Leaves” by Grosset and Dunlap. Ruby wants to collect as many leaves as she can for her leaf book.

Last week we collected leaves from the playground, all different types and shapes. The week before, we had collected twigs and sticks. The yeladim love “searching for things,” and when they find something they become so excited! We took a close look at what we collected. We noticed the twigs were hard and stiff. As we touched them and felt the rough bark we noticed the bark would sometimes fall off. We will take a closer look at what is underneath. We found many brown leaves and few green leaves on the ground. The brown leaves crunched and were easier to rip and scrunch.

We created a Fall Collage on picture frames. The yeladim chose which leaves and twigs they wanted to use. They enjoyed the new way to glue things by using their hands to actually dip the stick or the leaf in glue, and the place them on the backing of the frame. No paint brushes to spread the glue. Many of the actions and explorations we do in our classroom are newer for the children and they are fascinated by the creativity this allows. These beautiful collages will be displayed in the upstairs school lobby near the elevator.

img_3548 img_3549

While you are perusing the original artwork, please take the time to add to our Branch of Wishes for the children. Periodically we read them to the children and we love to see who added a wish. Maybe it is someone the children know!
We discussed with the yeladim that leaves change color in the fall because there is less sun shining outside, so there is less of the green food being made within the leaves. As the food becomes more scarce, the color drains from the leaves trailing a rainbow of color until they finally turn brown. One of our songs end with Red, orange, yellow and brown, so the yeladim were able to choose two colors from those four and finger paint on a big piece of paper. They loved squishing their hands through the finger paint.
Our fall songs are so much fun to sing. We will send a song sheet home so you can follow along when your child starts singing!