This week we welcomed a new boy into our class! His name is Ayalon. We showed him all around our classroom and have been getting to know him and showing him all the fun things we do every day.

The shofar factory visited us yesterday. We paid such close attention as Rabbi Rosenblum showed us where a shofar comes from – he had a big ram head with 2 horns on top!


Lia said, “It’s like a sheep!”

Lieba said, “The ram doesn’t have earrings.”

He passed around lots of different kinds of shofars – big ones and little ones – and we touched them to see if they were smooth or bumpy.




We loved when he blew a very, very long shofar sound – a tekiyah gedolah! We practiced making shofar sounds along with him and remembered what they were. Then Lauren and Ayalon helped him measure the shofar to see how long to make it.


We all had a chance to use sandpaper to make it shiny to use on Rosh Hashana.

img_2929 img_2927

Thank you Rabbi Rosenblum!