Yesterday, we starting baking challah for Rosh Hashana! First, we carried a really big bowl into our classroom.


Together with the Sunflower Class, we looked at our recipe and saw that we needed water, yeast, sugar, oil, eggs, salt and flour. First we put the yeast in a bowl with hot water and waited – guess what happened? It grew and got bigger and bigger! Then everyone took turns measuring and pouring in each ingredient, and we passed the bowl around so each person could have a turn to mix. It turned into dough!



After it was all mixed, we let it rise and it got even bigger! It filled up the whole bowl. We decided that on Thursday we would shape the challahs and bake them.

And that’s what we did today! We each got a piece of dough and rolled it, poked it, flattened it out, and made it into a round challah for Rosh Hashana. The dough felt very soft and sticky!

We waited very patiently while they baked. Our classroom smelled so good when they were done.

We also made honey cake! We are becoming expert bakers and are great at giving everyone a turn with pouring and mixing. We put in all the ingredients and then poured the batter into small pans.

img_3026 img_3025

We will each be able to bring home our own little cake!

We can’t wait to taste our yummy Rosh Hashana delicacies in just a few days.