Each day the yeladim are given the opportunity to have free play. This is a great time for the children to explore different classroom areas and to bond with each other using different tools. They feed off each other in what they are doing and sometimes in their conversations.  We love to eavesdrop on their conversations!!! Here are some of the things they shared this week.

Noam who likes playing in sand says, “I am making a sand castle.”


Anna who is creating with the magnets says, “I am making a castle.”

Anna arrives at sand with Noam and says” I am the big sister and I am going to get bigger just like my mom and dad”.


Eli was on the floor with the blocks and said, “We are building a real castle.”


Mae loves baking in the kitchen. “I am making apple pie.”


Effie was playing with the pattern beads. “I am making lollipops!”


Tal was exploring the magnets. “I am making a speedboat.”


Rosh Hashanah is still in the air, as we were creating cards the yeladim painted bubble wrap yellow for a bee hive. They loved the bubble wrap so much that we left some in the housekeeping are and the yeladim were popping the bubbles!

img_3703 img_3707

We love to search through our closets and find interesting things and figure out how to use them. We found some foam bees that were all different colors. The yeladim had a blast as they sorted the bees by color to match the corresponding colors of the circles on our mat! So much fun!

img_3712 img_3725 img_3726

We have become bakers the past two days! Wednesday morning we made challah dough. We mixed, measured, and counted the ingredients. Thursday morning we shaped them! Since we had focused so much on the concept of the cycle of the year and the shape of a circle, the yeladim knew they could not make their challah into just any shape, they had to be ROUND! After enjoying the challah making, the yeladim were excited to start on their Apple Crisp for Rosh Hashanah. They decided they wanted to use green apples for their creation. They really enjoyed mixing the topping, and smelling the delicious cinnamon. Again we measured, counted, and mixed.
Enjoy are delicious goodies!

img_3728 img_3737 img_3738 img_3740

img_3800 img_3805


Shanah Tova!
Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit