We hope you had a meaningful Rosh Hashanah. On Wednesday right after our class davening, we began our focus on Yom Kippur and what an important day it is. Each day in school we take the time to daven, give tzedaka and be a good friend, by helping and sharing and by making sure we say we are sorry if we hurt someone’s feelings. At this time of year we make extra sure to do these things, focusing even more on teshuva, asking for forgiveness. We even say sorry to Hashem for the mistakes we have made. We discussed with the yeladim what Yom Kippur day is like and that a lot of mommies and daddies will not be eating food the whole day, so that they can concentrate on their davening.


We read the book Yonah and the Whale. This story from Tanach is so important so it is read in the afternoon of Yom Kippur. Hashem told Yonah to go to the city of Ninveh to tell them that they are not listening to Hashem’s laws in the Torah and that they should do teshuva. Yonah did not want to go because he was afraid they wouldn’t listen to him, so he ran away and went on a boat. He fell asleep and was awakened by a big storm on the water. Hashem knew that Yonah was on the boat and made the storm. Other people on the boat realized that it was Yonah’s Hashem who was causing the storm. Yonah agreed to be thrown from the boat to save everyone else. He started sinking down to the bottom of the ocean, but Hashem sent a whale to swallow him up. He stayed in the fish’s belly for three days and he davened to Hashem to forgive him for running away.  The fish took him to land and spit him out. Then he went to Ninveh to tell them what Hashem said. And they did teshuva!!


After reading the book, we discussed how we can be a good friend. The yeladim talked about how our friend’s make us happy AND how we can make our friend’s happy. We made a list of some things we like to do with our friends that makes us happy:

Anna- Going to the Hot Dog Park together.
Effie- Sharing toys.
Eli- Playing in the school gym together.
Mae- Playing with babies.
Noam- Playing ball with my friend.
Tal- going to the park with my friend.

We decided to make a beautiful friendship tree that is now adorning our classroom! After discussing how special our friends are, we needed to figure out how to draw our friend. We passed out mirrors to each of the yeladim. Everyone looked at themselves in the mirror and saw their head, and how many eyes, nose and mouths we each have. We noted how our body is attached to our head by our neck, and where our arms and legs were as well.

img_4056 img_4064

Next, Morah Lilli drew her friend Debbie on a large piece of paper. We talked about where each part of her friend was being drawn attaching to each other. Then, the yeladim had the chance to choose a friend whom they wanted to draw using markers on a piece of paper. Once they told the Morot who they drew, each drawing was labeled and we hung them on our tree. But we were not finished decorating the tree yet! The yeladim worked together to thread small beads on pipe cleaners and we hung the beads up as well. Our collaborative work looks so beautiful.


It has been a meaningful week in the Sunflower kitah, as well as a fun one!