The month of October was Fire Prevention Month. But did you know that we here at IBECC discuss Fire Safety on a regular basis? When school began way back in September we talked about how to keep ourselves and our families safe. We noted that sometimes we need to stay indoors to be safe, like in stormy weather, and sometimes we need to go outdoors to be safe. Like for a fire in the oven.

In the first week of school we all went outside together to the grass between the shul and the playground. This is our Safety Spot. Whenever we need to leave the building this is where we go to listen to the directions. But we don’t go up our regular staircase. We know that we go up a very special outside staircase of the building right away. But how do we know when to leave the building? Well, that day when we were outside, Morah Rachelle explained to us that we will hear a special alarm and that when we hear it we go outside by way of the outdoor staircase. We wanted to hear it but some children don’t like loud noises. Mr. George made the fire alarm go off while we were outside. It didn’t seem so loud. Then we began walking into the school to our classrooms. AS we got closer it got a little louder but we weren’t afraid because it was gradual. All the children were comfortable with this process. Mr. George shut the alarm when we were all safe in our classrooms. The next week the Morahs told us the alarm would go off and that we would go outside. When the alarm rang, we all knew what to do.  We all quietly walked to the door and went up the outside staircase right to our safety spot. What a great first Fire drill!! We practice this one time ever month. The children do a great job doing the safe thing each time.

We are such pros that when Firefighter Kevin and Firefighter Billy came to school this week they were so proud of us!! They told us we do the right thing when we stay quiet and keep our hands away from our ears so we can hear any directions.

Next, The Firefighters explained to us how they help people when there is a fire. Even when they wear the uniform, inside they are still people. They took their time to put on each item of their uniform so we could keep remembering who they were inside all their safety equipment.

They showed us different parts of their equipment and we were able to get real close up t the firetruck. When they left, they turned on their lights and sirens. We were excited because we knew everyone was safe.

Thanks for coming!!!
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