We have been creating such wonderful things together! Here’s a little peek at the creativity happening in our classroom over the last few days.

We really enjoyed “getting to know” corn on the cob! We found on our table an ear of corn inside its green husk. We grasped the end of the husk and used our muscles to pull it down to see what was inside. This was so hard. We had to use two hands!! And surprise! We saw all the yellow kernels stuck together on the cob. And then we squeezed them and the juice sprayed out! It was so funny. Then we tasted it. Yum!!!

After all our corn explorations, we took the corn on the cob and rolled it in yellow paint. Back and forth! Our hands got covered in paint and it felt very wet. Then we rolled the corn onto a piece of cloth. And guess what we saw! The shape of the kernels came out onto the cloth. Just like it looked bumpy on the cob, it looked bumpy on the cloth too.


After it dried, we stamped leaf prints around the edges. Can you guess what special Thanksgiving centerpiece we’re making?

img_4066 img_4071

We also used our fine motor skills to thread beads onto wire to create something else for our Thanksgiving table.

img_4065 img_4061 img_4058 img_4051

The Native Americans lived in a kind of tent called a teepee. We decided to see if we could build one of our own! We found a few long branches and wound yarn all around them.

img_4973 img_4983 img_4106

We also painted big pieces of butcher paper to be the walls. We made super long strokes with our paintbrushes.


Morah Rachelle showed us how to make dye. She asked us what we could use to make red – we thought of different red fruits and vegetables like cherries. She thought of one more idea – beets! She put a piece of beet into a small bowl of water and it turned red. Then in another small bowl she made brown dye with tea leaves. So cool!

We wanted to use the dye to make our own shirts, but there wasn’t enough in those small bowls, so we used really big containers. We chose red, brown, or both colors, and carefully dipped our shirts in and watched them soak up all the dye. We can’t wait to wear them at our Thanksgiving feast.

img_4982 img_4975

On a different note, we’ve been concentrating on practicing great social skills and using our language to tell each other when someone does something that we don’t like. Some of the helpful phrases the children are learning to say are:

“Excuse me!”

“It’s my turn.” “I’m using that.”

“I don’t like that.”

“Can I have a turn when you’re done?”

“No thank you.” “I don’t want it.”

Please help us reinforce these skills by continuing the use of this language at home.

Thank you Emily and the Sternberg family for sending in apples and baby carrots for our healthy snack this week!

See you on Monday!