The yeladim love learning the story of Thanksgiving. We love singing all our Thanksgiving songs and telling the story using the felt board. But our favorite part is acting out the story on the stage. Role playing gives each child the opportunity to try on different personalities in a safe way. Some children are naturally cautious and quieter; some are innately strong and more comfortable “strutting their stuff”. Taking on the personality of different types of people helps children to understand different viewpoints and opinions. This is the beginning of so many important skills including being empathic, socially aware, and even debating opinions.

The yeladim in our class were each given a different part in the play; the king of England, the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. It was so great to see how each child played their role so seriously. And they didn’t want to stop at one show!! They enjoyed reenacting the story in so many different ways in so many areas of our school; from the exploration room to our classroom and even the indoor playroom. All this repetition brought out different aspects, encouraging the children to keep thinking of the why and the how, giving them the opportunity to delve into the story even deeper.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!