Yesterday we baked cornbread!

We counted each cup of flour, cornmeal, and sugar as we took turns pouring them in. The children even cracked the eggs themselves.

img_4116 img_4115 img_4113

Baking together is a wonderful time to practice being patient as we go around the table giving each person a chance to add an ingredient. We count to 10 as each child mixes the batter and then passes it on.

It smelled so good when it came out of the oven. Our Thanksgiving feast is going to be delicious. Next up in the Butterfly Kitchen: turkey shaped cookies!

We are also learning all about the Native Americans. When we need new clothes, all we have to do is go to the store and buy them. Lucky us! But they had to make all their clothes themselves! They dyed their own fabrics, just like we made our tie dye shirts last week. Today the children helped cut fringes on the bottom of each shirt to look even more like the Native American clothing. (But they know it’s not real clothes like the shirts we wear every day – it’s just a costume that we’re making! That’s why we can cut it. We should never ever cut our clothing. : ))

The Native Americans were also known for the beading they did. The Butterfly Class is going to be known for their beading too! In addition to the beading project we did last week, we designed bracelets to wear. With our careful pincer grasp, we choose which beads we wanted. Look at us using our expert fine motor skills to thread the beads onto pipe cleaners! Such concentration.

img_4151 img_4150

We looked at a picture of some Native Americans and noticed that the hats they wore look very different than ours. We might wear a baseball cap, a hair clip, or a warm woolen hat, but they wore something called a feather headdress. We started creating our own today by painting long strips of paper with brown paint.

img_4146 img_4145

And one last thing – our fall tree has grown! Thank you Mr. George for helping us add the branches today. We hung up the leaves the children painted and it adds so much to our room.