We thoroughly enjoyed looking at and feeling all the different types of vegetables that we brought into our kitah. We did notice that none of them had a very strong smell from the outside before they were cut, but they felt very heavy. The yeladim picked up each type of squash and the other vegetables. They felt their different weights. They realized that the pumpkin was the heaviest. When we cut open the vegetables we compared their flesh and seeds. The children observed again that the pumpkin had the biggest seeds.

img_5956 img_5958 img_5959 img_5961

So now we saw the inside of a pumpkin. We noticed its orange colored flesh. We even baked it and tasted it. It was not too sweet.

The children remembered how we made Pomegranate Play Dough back at Rosh Hashanah time. We decided to make Pumpkin Play Dough for Thanksgiving!!
Our recipe called for canned pumpkin to make our special Pumpkin Spice Play Dough. When we opened the canned pumpkin, we compared what the canned pumpkin looked like to what the real pumpkin looked like. That was interesting. The yeladim loved taking the pumpkin in their hands and squishing it!! They loved mixing the playdough with their hands as well. We counted and measured all the ingredients.

img_6183 img_6184

It feels so smooth and cool when we play with it! We love playing with it every day.