When we spoke about the holiday of Thanksgiving, we talked about the name given to the holiday. The children kept repeating the name over and over, faster and slower. They began to hear it as two words, thanks and giving. That was interesting. We asked why the holiday would be called that. Who was thankful and for what? The Pilgrims wanted to thank the Native Americans for teaching them how to plant food and how to live in the cold winters in America. So the Pilgrims made a feast to say thank you. In our circle time we talked about what we have in our lives that makes us say thank you. Anna is thankful for her baby, Sammy. Eli is thankful for his drawing pens. Effie is thankful for his new big bike. Mae is thankful for her bed. Noam is thankful for his Abba and Ima. Tal is thankful for his superhero toys.

We wrote what the yeladim answered on foam leaves. They then decorated their leaves with the corn kernels that we dyed last week. We hung our leaves on our “Thankful tree”, and it looks so nice in the room. We always have to be thankful for what we have.