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Thanksgiving Explorations in the Butterfly Class

Thanksgiving is coming!

We joined the Sunflower Class to hear Morah Lilli’s felt board Thanksgiving story and song. We learned that the Pilgrims lived in England and weren’t allowed to pray to their G-d so they went on a big boat called the Mayflower across the ocean to America. That’s where we live! When they got to America, the Native Americans helped them learn to grow vegetables. To thank them, they made a big feast.

Back in our classroom, we did some corn exploration. On our discovery table, there was a small bowl of Indian corn kernels that we counted, arranged in rows, and sorted into the cups of an egg carton. The children really enjoyed picking up each individual kernel of corn!! Great fine motor work!!

We also have a big sensory bin full of popcorn kernels that we love feeling, scooping, and pouring. It feels good to let them slip through our fingers.

At snack time, we tasted corn on the cob. We carefully pulled all the little strings off before we ate it. It was sweet and delicious!

We also talked about what each of us are thankful for.

Ash – “Our fish.”

Lauren – “Food.”

Lia – “A duck.”

Emily – “Apples.”

Ayalon – “My mommy.”

Maayan – “Ima.”

Uriel – “My blanket.”

Zachary – “Cheerios.”

Simon – “This tree!”

What beautiful weather we’re lucky to still be having!

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We voted!!! And more with the Sunflowers!!

We are preparing for Thanksgiving! The Butterflies joined us and together we learned the story of the Pilgrims and how they left England because the king at that time did not let them Daven to their Hashem. So they left on a big ship called the Mayflower. The Pilgrims met the Native Americans when they arrived in America. We all agreed that all of us live in America. They arrived in the town of Plymouth, and they did not know anything about life in this new place. There were no stores to buy clothing or food, there were no homes yet built for them. They only saw the longhouses and tents in which the Native Americans lived. The Native Americans were so kind and taught the Pilgrims many things.


The Native Americans showed the Pilgrims the many foods that the Native Americans ate. So they taught the pilgrims how to grow all the food that was available to them. Some of those foods were corn, pumpkin and squash. One of the first things that the Native Americans taught the pilgrims was to plant corn. In our kitah we had a box full of raw corn kernels and the yeladim loved feeling, scooping and measuring the corn kernels with measuring spoons. We added our wooden letters as well and the children had a great time calling out the letters they knew as they found them within the corn kernels.

The Native Americans did things very different than the way Pilgrims did them back home. For example, there were no malls at that time, so the Native Americans used animal skins for their clothes. They taught the Pilgrims to weave their own clothing. We learned how to weave in […]

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More Parshat Noach fun in the Butterfly class

Remember the animal fabrics we’ve been exploring? We like to take the cue from the children to see where their interests lie. The children really enjoyed feeling the animal fabrics and also playing with the animal matching game that we played so we decided to create a  animal texture book for each child so they can keep experiencing it at home. We made a peek-a-boo flap out of the materials so they can lift them up and see the corresponding animals. The children named each animal, chose the right fabric and then carefully glued it on. We also put in some of the facts we spoke about all week with the children.

We hope you enjoy this special book! Reading it over again and again with them helps them be comfortable to share their ideas and explore further with your encouragement.

We made a collaborative mural. When we came into the classroom this morning we saw that there was a Teyva on a big piece of paper on our wall! We were so excited to put animal stickers all over it. Noach’s Teyva was full of animals of every kind – 2 of each! Just like our mural! We reached up high and down low to strengthen our core muscles as we put stickers everywhere. We strengthened our fine motor skills by using our pincer grip to peel off the stickers and place them on the wall mural. Our Occupatioanl Therapist specialist has shared that it is important for children to become comfortable reaching across their body so we often place stickers on the back of their hand. This means they have to reach across their belly to peel it off one hand or the other. A good trick […]

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The IBECC Tayva

What are all these animals doing in our school? Well, since this week’s Parsha is Noach, we now understand what is going on. We spoke about how Hashem told Noach to build a tayva, an ark. Why? The people in the world were not being so nice to each other. One child in our class yelled out, “Just like Ninveh!” Hashem told Noach that He was going to send a big mabul (flood) to the entire world. It will rain for forty days and forty nights.

So Noah built the tayva. It was very big, with three levels. Just like our school! The bottom level was for storing things and waste. The middle level was where all the animals lived, and the top level was where Noach and his family lived. Hashem told Noach the animals should go into the ark two by two. Noach listened and by the time everyone got into the tayva it started to rain. And rain it did. When it stopped raining, Noach poked his head out of the window and sent a dove to see if there was dry land. The dove came back with a branch in its mouth. He waited a couple more days and he got out of the tayva. When the mabul was over Hashem sent a rainbow. That was a message to the world that he would never bring a flood again.

We turned our whole building into an ark!! The yeladim brought up all the plastic animals from the kitah and we went to the Second level of our “tayva” and they had the opportunity to sort the animals and find two animals of the same kind. They did a great job.


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Fall Fun with the Sunflowers

We are really enjoying the season of fall. We can see it. We can feel it. We can even smell it!! We are really exploring our environment outdoors and enjoy bringing our findings inside.

Our felt board was in use when we sang the song “Mr. squirrel has a secret”. We wonder what his secret is. Through our research together the yeladim learned that in the fall some animals get ready for the winter by gathering their food. Acorns fall from a very special tree called an oak tree. The squirrels gather them and hide them for the winter.

We love to watch the squirrels gathering all the acorns. We even try to leave them some!!

We had a huge bag of acorns and we poured them on the carpet. We felt them and we all agreed they were very hard. We love to count our acorns but we also love to get a bit more creative, too.  We decided to paint with the acorns as well. We used a cardboard box and chose fall colors. We placed a piece of paper in the box and added the colors. Next the yeladim counted out ten acorns to put in the box. Then the yeladim shook the box! It was so much fun to see all the colors mixing together.

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit


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Fire Safety at IBECC

The month of October was Fire Prevention Month. But did you know that we here at IBECC discuss Fire Safety on a regular basis? When school began way back in September we talked about how to keep ourselves and our families safe. We noted that sometimes we need to stay indoors to be safe, like in stormy weather, and sometimes we need to go outdoors to be safe. Like for a fire in the oven.

In the first week of school we all went outside together to the grass between the shul and the playground. This is our Safety Spot. Whenever we need to leave the building this is where we go to listen to the directions. But we don’t go up our regular staircase. We know that we go up a very special outside staircase of the building right away. But how do we know when to leave the building? Well, that day when we were outside, Morah Rachelle explained to us that we will hear a special alarm and that when we hear it we go outside by way of the outdoor staircase. We wanted to hear it but some children don’t like loud noises. Mr. George made the fire alarm go off while we were outside. It didn’t seem so loud. Then we began walking into the school to our classrooms. AS we got closer it got a little louder but we weren’t afraid because it was gradual. All the children were comfortable with this process. Mr. George shut the alarm when we were all safe in our classrooms. The next week the Morahs told us the alarm would go off and that we would go outside. When the alarm rang, we […]

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Welcome Ash! And welcome to the IBECC Ark!

What a busy week it’s been already!

We welcomed a new boy named Ash (Asher) to our class! We’re so glad he came to join us.

He came just in time to meet our other new addition – a beautiful rainbow colored beta fish that the children named Dag (it means fish in Hebrew). We are loving watching him swim around in the water, waving his tail.

This week’s parsha is Parshat Noach. It’s full of so many interesting things to learn about – water, animals, colors, rainbows, and more – and we jumped right in with an exploration of animals.

We realized that just like the ark had 3 floors, so does our school building! The people live on the top floor, the animals on the middle floor, and storage on the bottom level. We’re going to go all the way to the top floor of the shul so we can “live” there for a little while.

In our classroom we have a special wooden ark with many animals inside that we sorted into pairs. We chose a few toy people to put on the top floor too!

Then we thought, each animal looks so different and has such a unique pattern and texture. The children love playing with our collection of toy animals and building enclosures for them with the blocks, so we chose a few to explore further- a cow, seal, elephant, zebra, sheep, bear, tiger, giraffe, and leopard. Then we found special fabrics to match each animal.

At circle time, we showed the fabrics to the children and together we matched each animal to its corresponding fabric. They were so fast at finding the matches! We stood each animal on top of their print so we could see […]

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