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Chanukah Fun in the Butterfly Class!

On Thursday Simon and Ash’s mothers came to do a Chanukah project with us. We made dreidel stained glass window hangings.

We glued strips of tissue paper in all different colors to a black paper with a dreidel cutout in the middle.

Then we used sponges to dab oil all over it. That made it very shiny and smooth – almost like glass! Then we glued another black paper on top so we could see the dreidel shape. When they’re dry, we’ll hang them in the window so the sun shines through.

We also made a yummy dreidel treat!

We poked a pretzel stick into a marshmallow, dipped it into fluff, and used the fluff as glue to stick lots of chocolate chips to make the bottom pointy. It was sticky and delicious.

Thank you Mrs. Jager and Mrs. Doctoroff for joining us!


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It sure smells yummy in the Butterfly class!

We had so much fun making latkes! It was quite the production. We were glad to have so many special guests joining us – Uriel’s father, Ayalon’s mother, and Emily’s mother, father, and baby brother!

First we counted the ingredients and made sure we had everything ready – potatoes, onions, eggs, and salt. We also needed some equipment – peelers and graters. They were very sharp but we learned how to use them super carefully. We grated the potatoes and onions. The onions made our eyes hurt a little but we did a pretty good job anyway.

Then we put in eggs and salt and mixed the batter very well.

Then we watched the oil get hot and sizzly and dropped in spoonfuls of the latke batter.

When they were golden brown on both sides, we brought them to our classroom for a delicious Chanukah snack.

We even had a latke delivery man who delivered some latkes to Morah Rachelle and George.

We also “lit” our special giant Chanukiah with 3 candles for the third day. The Sunflowers joined us for a a grand lighting.

We can’t wait for the next fun Chanukah day.

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Olives to Oil!

On Wednesday morning Rabbi Y came to our school and showed us how the juice from the olives can be turned into oil. He guided us through the whole process, from squeezing out the pits to crushing the olives in an olive press and then we watched the juice spin in a special machine. When Rabbi took the juice out of the machine we saw it wasn’t only juice anymore!! It had separated and we saw the oil on top!!

We brought the olives to our kitah to continue these activities. We were able to squeeze more olives, and take out their pits. It was really fun to get so close up to olives.  We are going to keep the olives for next week so we will be able to actually use them to create designs on paper!

We continued our Chanukah theme into another room. The yeladim went on a stage in our Exploration Room and acted out the whole Chanukah story! We had such a good time! We hope you enjoy all the goodies that we sent home for this special holiday! We cannot wait until next week! Doughnuts and Latkes! Yum!

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Chanukiah, Olives and Lots of Finger Paint! in the Butterflies

In preparing for Chanukah, we aimed to make everything child-friendly. We asked ourselves what is familiar to the children, what they play with, and what they feel comfortable with, and used those ideas and materials to create each project mindfully.

The children worked on each step of their Chanukiah. The chose the colors, glued the pieces together and especially enjoyed the whole picture taking scene.

You’ll notice that the Lego Chanukiah we sent home is only meant for play, not for real lighting. We hope the children will enjoy the experience with you every night of Chanukah by placing the right number of candles to be “lit”, counting them, “lighting” each candle, taking apart their Chanukiah, and putting it back together as many times as they would like.

Each child in our class is featured on one of the candles, along with a matching picture on the tray for storage when it’s not lit on the Chanukiah. Every child lights up our class – and of course your child is the Shamash! 🙂 Encourage them to share stories with you about their special friends. Use their Chanukiah and photos of their friends as a jump off point for discussion.

The children loved making their Chanukiot and we know they’ll love using them too. Kid-safe and kid-approved!

Please enjoy the special gift the children made for you too. Handmade with love.

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Chanukah!

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We brought Winter in the Sunflower class

We brought winter to us!  We were so excited that there was snow on the ground, so we decided to gather up some snow in a bucket and dump it on our table! It was so much fun to poke, pat, and squeeze the snow. As we were playing,  we asked “What is going to happen to this snow?”  The yeladim all shouted, “It’s going to melt!” “Why?”, we asked. They thought about it and then said “Because we are inside where it’s warm!”

We discussed at circle time that snow is only going to stay in the form of snow when it is cold outside, but when it gets warm, the snow turns to water. We showed the yeladim the leftover ” snow” that was in the bucket. It was water! Since Wednesday was the first day of winter we marked the day by having the yeladim created frost by putting crushed ice in a metal container. Then we added salt and water and watched the frost form. “Just like on the cars in the morning!” We said.

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We feel it coming! in the Sunflowers

The kitah is full of excitement knowing that Chanukah is five days away. We put up a calendar to show the yeladim how we are counting the days until we light the first candle. During circle time we talked about how there is a special way we put the candles in our Chanukiah, from right to left. But we light the candles the other way, left to right.

We are in the midst of creating a beautiful gift for your family. The yeladim had the opportunity to go into the Morah’s special ” supply closet” in the back room and decide for themselves what they want to use to decorate their gift to you. They really thought about what materials they would need! Very cute! Can’t wait for you to see it!


SPOILER ALERT: We can’t show you any more photos because IT’S A SECRET!! !!


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Experiencing the Chanukiah with the Butterflies

We have a big Chanukiah on the floor of our block corner. We’ve been practicing walking along the lines, balancing carefully – one foot in front of the other. Great gross motor skills!

We also like to line blocks up to trace the shape of each candle.

This expert block lineup and photo are by Lieba:

Other fun things:

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Of course we ended the week with doughnuts! We made the jam right?

After talking about doughnuts and jam all week, and tasting and feeling jam as well, we just had to make our own jam!  We looked at the strawberries before we put it in the crock pot. “They are so red!” the yeladim said. Then we added sugar and cooked in the crockpot for about 5 hours. The yeladim are so excited for so excited for Shabbat party.They will be given doughnuts and they will be able to dip them in the strawberry jam that we made. We really enjoyed the experience this week with doughnuts and jam. Wait until we make our very own doughnuts during Chanukah!


In this week’s parsha Vayishlach, Aisav is coming with four hundred men to see Yaacov. This is the first time they are going to see each other since Yaacov stole the first born bracha from Aisav.

Yaacov had to get ready! The yeladim learedtat Yaacov did three things. One, he davened to Hashem. Second, he sent Aisav a gift. In those days it was animals. Three, he got ready to fight. But he really did not want to fight Aisav.

One more week until Chanukah! Wait until next week! We have to get ready and make sure we have everything we need when we visit the people at the Federation Plaza, and at the post office, and we want to say thank you the mailman.

Thank you emailing us back with the address’  for their Chanukah cards. The yeladim can’t wait to send them!


Shabbat Shalom!


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Fire with no candles? In the Sunflowers

We continued with the amazing story of Chanukah. Everyday we have been practicing the brachot that we say when we light the Chanukah Menorah. We are using real candles to demonstrate which way we put the candles in, and which way we light them. We put them in right to left, but we light them left to right. We talked about how there can still be a flame in the Menorah but without a candle. How? During circle time we put oil in our Menorah instead of a candle. We put a wick in the oil. (The yeladim remembered that they painted with wicks last week.)  We lit the wick, and we had a flame! In the Beit Hamikdash, they did not have candles. They used oil and wicks to light there Menorah! It was so exciting to see two ways of making a flame!


Here are some other things that have been going on in our class.

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The Sunflowers made doughnuts! Well, not real ones!

We have been focusing on the Nes of Chanukah, and that the oil that was found in the Beit Hamikdash and lasted for eight days instead of one day. The yeladim were chatting amongst themselves about the oil. We eavesdropped a bit:

“We make latkes in oil.” “We fry them.” “We eat donuts, too!” ” They are fried in oil, too!” Morah can we have donuts?” “Can we make donuts?” “I like vanilla frosting on mine”

The children were really getting into this.  So we decided to make doughnuts in our kitah!

Since we didn’t know what the ingredients were, we talked about what we know about donuts. We talked about what we like IN our doughnuts and then we talked about what we like ON our doughnuts. Some of the items mentioned by the yeladim were chocolate and vanilla icing and jelly.  We opened a jar of strawberry jam. We spread  a little out on a plate and we saw the tiny seeds. We put some real strawberries next to the jam to compare them. We noticed that the jam is a lot darker than real strawberries, and when we felt it with our fingers we noticed it was thick as well. Then we tasted the jam. It was sweet and delicious! The yeladim loved eating the jam!

Next we focused on what donuts look like. We remembered they are the shape of a circle. They are sort of brown and light brown and sometimes have sugar on them.We then decided to start making our own doughnuts with things we have in the classroom for fun!! The yeladim traced a circle using a crayon. Then it was time to paint the circle a light brown. But we don’t have […]

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