From one holiday to the next, we sure are busy.

We jumped right in with Chanukah-related explorations using lots of sensory and tactile play. We have a sandbox with dreidels for hiding and scooping and a discovery table with a menorah, real candles, and dreidels. The children love to take these items all around the classroom and use them in each center in different ways.


The children got very creative. Dreidel candles, anyone?

img_4352 img_4353

We like to think outside the box when we brainstorm ideas for meaningful projects, so even the block corner became a provocation for our Chanukah activities. We put out a big bucket of duplos and they got right to work finding different colors, making stacks, and building. We can’t wait to see what they’ll build over the next few weeks!

img_5022 img_5021