Chanukah is a month away but we started to experience some of the things relating to Chanukah this week in our kitah. The main ingredient to the Chanukah story is oil. We took the time to use our senses and get to know oil a little better.The first thing we did was to fill a test tube with canola oil and we looked at it. Was it opaque or translucent? We could see through the tube so it is translucent.


Next we asked what did it smell like? Here are some answers:

Tal  ” it smells like water.”

Eli ” it smells like flowers.”

Effie ” it smells like nothing.”

Anna ” it smells like nothing.”

Noam ” it smells like chicken nuggets.”

Mae “it smells like nothing.”

Then we all had a chance to touch the oil. it felt very “slippery” on our hands. And we could only see it because it was shiny and had no color.


We filled a second tube with water and placed it next to the tube with oil. The children felt they looked the “same.” We added water to our oil and noticed that the water stayed on the bottom and that the oil was on top. Even though we shook the test tube very well, the oil still was on the top. Oil and water ” don’t mix very well.” But we did notice that when they were shaken together we could not see as clearly through them.


Then we really started to have fun with the oil. We painted with the oil on colored construction paper. The yeladim noticed that the paper had no color on it even though it was being painted! It just looked wet!! We the added food coloring to the oil and painted on white paper. The food coloring and oil mixed very well.

img_6582 img_6593 img_6594 img_6605

We will be very busy this month for Chanukah. Can’t wait!
Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit

Take a peek at some more fun we had!

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