We have brought another element of Chanukah into our kitah. Candles. We passed around the candles during circle time. The yeladim told us that we light candles right before Shabbos. “What other times do we light candles?” we asked.  They thought about it and then answered on birthdays, Havdalah and Chanukah, to name a few. Even though we have not yet shared the story of Chanukah, all week we have been experiencing the main ingredients that make up this special holiday, Oil and Candles.

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The yeladim were given the opportunity to color on white paper with their candles. Color with candles? They are colorful, after all. We offered them to draw with the candles like crayons. They made designs on their paper but they could not see them! How do we see them? We took water color paints and painted on the paper and then we saw the designs the children had made. We came to the conclusion that wax and water do not mix. Just like oil and water!!




After we finished benching, suddenly one of the children began singing, “I have a little dreidel.” And while he was singing he suddenly said, “You know, I have that song at home.” We began singing it again. Then he realized the line-“I have a little dreidel, I made it out of clay.” And all of a sudden the children’s eyes opened wide! “Hey wait!” he said. We have clay! “Dreidel from clay!!!!” All of the children got excited.

“We can make a dreidel out of clay!!”

So he went over to the clay box and said, “Look!”

So we all took the clay to the table and we all played with the clay and made dreidels.


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While the dreidels were wet, the children tried to spin in them but they only spun a little. They wondered why it wasn’t spinning so well. We sang the rest of the song: “and when it’s dry and ready. Oh dreidel I shall play!” And they realized it needed to be dry before it could really spin well.

We are waiting now as our clay dreidels are drying!!
On to the Story of Chanukah!