This week we started exploring something that’s a big part of the Chanukah story and part of many Chanukah traditions – oil! Usually people use oil for cooking but we decided to use it as an art medium and a sensory experience.

First we played with the oil. We used droppers to squeeze it and mix it. Good pincer grasp practice!

img_4388 img_4390

We also loved touching it with our fingers and we had lots to say about what it felt like!

Lauren – “It’s slimy and feels like water.”

Ash – “It smells good and feels good to touch!”

Maayan – “It feels like juice.”

Lia – “It’s dirty.”

Lieba – “It’s like orange juice!”

Even the children of few words enjoyed the experience and shared that with giggles and wonderment.

Then we added food coloring to the oil and painted with it. It was interesting to see the difference between real paint and colored oil – the paint is much thicker and shows up darker on the paper. With oil, the paint brush makes streaks.

img_5032 img_5034 img_5038 img_5041 img_5049

We also made sensory bags with oil and food coloring and traced patterns through the bag with our fingers. They were so much fun that we even took them out during snack time to play with.

We look forward to more Chanukah experiences next week.