We started learning the story of Chanukah during our circle time; how king Antiochus and the Greeks did not want the Yehudim to daven to their  Hashem. Yehudah the Maccabee and his army fought the Greeks and they won. When the Greeks left, the Yehudim went into the Beit Hamikdash and the inside of the building was destroyed. The Menorah was still inside, but there was only enough oil to light a flame for one day. So they lit it. But a great Nes (miracle ) happened. The flame lasted for eight days! That is why we light our Chanukah Menorah for eight nights.


We have so many wonderful items to prepare for our Chanukah celebrations. Lots of hands on tactile experiences! We began creating a beautiful candle holder out of paper mache. The yeladim mixed flour, water and glue. Then we dipped paper towel in that mixture and wrapped the towel around boxes. Once this dries we will be able to paint the box!


We began creating our gorgeous drip trays that will be placed under our Chanukiot. First we put everything we will use on the table and took a look at the items. We looked at each component and placed them on the lucite base. We moved them around here and there so we could decide how we liked it. Great masterpieces take planning! We did not paint or glue anything on at first. We just placed items here and there to decide if we liked how it looked.

Another day we painted the lucite base. over the next few days we will come back to the trays and put the rest of it together just the way we like. Wait until you see how we will be decorating the trays that will be under our Chanukah Menorahs!