We’ve been discovering some very cool things this week!

We used Chanukah candles to paint with. Did you know that if you use the wick as a paintbrush, it makes small thin strokes? It’s also fun to roll the candle in the paint and then on the paper – it gets our fingers all painty and colorful. We chose to use either a blue or white paper and painted with the colors of the flames on a Menorah – red, orange, and yellow.

These will be hanging in our back lobby upstairs soon – please come check out our wonderful Chanukah art exhibition!

Continuing our oil explorations, we filled up a big bin with water and put some dreidels inside. We really enjoyed seeing that some dreidels floated to the top and some sank to the bottom.

The next day we added a little oil to the water and saw that it became bubbly. The oil also floated in a layer on top of the water. Then we chose two colors of food coloring to drip in – blue and yellow – and guess what happened? The oil and water turned green! It was a very interesting experiment. 

We’re learning how to play dreidel! We love singing “I have a little dreidel” while spinning the dreidels and seeing which letter they land on each time – nun, gimmel, hey, or shin. It’s kind of tricky to hold it between our thumbs and pointer fingers and spin it so smoothly but we’re trying our best.

We also created a multi-textured collaborative sticky collage together.

And last but not least, here’s this cute picture guaranteed to make you smile: