Since Thanksgiving, we have discussed how important it is to say “thank you” to the people around you; people that help us everyday but sometimes we don’t see them everyday. Tomorrow morning we are so excited to go to the fire station in Livingston. We will say “thank you” to the many firefighters that help  people who might be in trouble in their homes.

But we don’t want to go empty handed. We want the firefighters to remember us after we leave and to feel good! So we baked them some yummy cookies and the Butterfly class baked some yummy carrot cake.

We rolled out our sugar cookie dough and cut the dough with pretty Chanukah cookie cutters!  We sprinkled our cookies with silver, gold and white sprinkles. The yeladim were so excited to give their cookies to the fire station.



We decided to decorate the plates that we are putting the cookies on. Chanukah sponges were used to decorate the plates. We will wrap the cookies up and they will be good to go! What an amazing opportunity for the yeladim to do this special mitzvah!


More great moments!!