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Still no snow…… in the Sunflower Class

We love singing our ” Snowman” song, so we decided to make a snowman for our  Kitah! It will look great along with our mittens and snowflakes! We took large white butcher paper and painted it with white paint. We used our hands to spread the paint. Then we took white glotter and sprinkled that over the white paint. The yeladim commented that the glitter looks like real snow because it looks like ice. They have great memories!

Off to the park we went, and we gathered some sticks for our snowman’s hands. We will add eyes, a nose, a hat, and buttons down his belly. We can’t wait to decorate it!

We read The Mitten again and the yeladim just love looking at the book and watching how each animal goes into the mitten that gets bigger and bigger and bigger! We can’t wait to start our Mitten project tomorrow. We can’t wait for some snow to fall soon!


And more fun… We really missed each other over vacation!


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Some last minute Butterfly pictures before vacation

Scissor practice:

The Sunflowers joined us for music and movement with instruments.

And we played with shaving cream.

Ash thought it looked like jello. Lieba said, “My hand is so messy, cold, it’s snow!”

Ayalon said, “It’s hot. No, cold.”

Emily said, “I like it, it’s white.”

“All dirty,” Lia said.

It sure was! And so fun! Look at those big smiles.

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Welcome snowmen! in the Butterfly class

If you’ve peeked into our classroom over the last few weeks you might have noticed the different kinds of snowmen we’ve been creating together.

First we decided that our winter scene in the library would be even better with a snowman. So we decided to make a life-size one. We stuffed big bags with packing material and tied them shut. Then we stacked them up and glued them together.

We added a hat, eyes, nose, and buttons. It turned out to be such an adorable snowman with an adorable name to match – Pompom! He is so much fun to hug and to sit next to reading books. He’s already learning our circle time songs! Such a fun addition to our class. The children are so kind to point out to Morah when he seems to be tilting and are happy for him when he’s all straightened out again.

Then we remembered how much fun we had creating our sticky dreidel collage for Chanukah so we decided to create a sticky snowman too. First we made a big snowball on the bottom. We stuck lots of white tissue paper pieces on. It looked like it snowed in the classroom!

Then we added a second snowball for the middle and a smaller one for the head with cotton balls on it.

So cute! Meet Mr. Snowman! (But shhh… don’t tell him… Pompom is our favorite.)

We went outside to see if we could make real snowballs but it was a bit too powdery. So we had fun spraying the snow with colored water instead. Our fingers got a good workout on those spray bottles.  We also used sticks to write letters in the snow.


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We know there is no snow outside but………. by the Sunflowers

We made snowmen in our kitah! No, not snowmen on a piece of paper, but actual snowmen that the yeladim can take home with them! Creating them was just as fun as  talking about them! We started our creations with a white sock. They stuffed the sock with filler all the way up to the top. The Morot helped them tie their strings around the sock to make a head and a body.  And then they were off creating their adorable friends. All different kinds of things were brought to the table. Buttons, googly eyes, felt for scarves, and of course cute socks for their hats! Once all the cute creatures were created, we talked with the yeladim about their friendly friends and the children dictated their stories about their snowmen. In circle time we talked about stories. Who writes the stories that we read in books? We learned that the writer is called an author. So we were so excited to become authors of the stories about our snowmen! Hope you enjoy the book!

And here are some other great things going on each day!


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We Love Reading! at IBECC

Reading aloud with children is important. Begin exposed to reading gives children specific advantages such as basic speech skills, better communication skills, and logical thinking skills, in addition to building a stronger relationship between parent/teacher and the child.

​ Reading together gives both participants the opportunity to share with each other new worlds and experiences, chances to question and wonder together.

All the children enjoyed creating their own Book Swap Market. They brought gently used books into school from their own libraries, sorted the books into categories and then had the chance to “purchase” new books to bring home. The children really enjoyed each stage, from the set up and sorting to taking turns with the cash register and paying. What a great way to love literacy with a dash of math!


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The cutest snuggly Butterflies!

We had such a fun and cozy Pajama Hibernation Day!

Coming to school in our pajamas made us feel even more at home and relaxed than usual. The children really saw the humor in wearing them out of the house – they were commenting about it and laughing together at all the Morahs wearing pajamas too. It sure was funny and out of the ordinary! We had a really great time together comparing all the different pajamas and seeing who was wearing similar colors and patterns.

We made delicious pancakes to eat. Breakfast in school in our pajamas – what could be better? The children are experts at cooking together by now. Their proficient cooking skills are impressive as they count and pour each ingredient into the bowl so carefully and mix them all into a smooth batter.

Look at these cute concentrating faces.

Then we watched the pancakes cook. When they had bubbles on one side, we knew they were ready to flip. We saw them turn from a thin batter into pancakes!

While they cooked we hibernated with the bears. (And Zachary’s chipmunk.)

At lunch we ate our pancakes. They were gobbled up so fast we didn’t take any pictures. 🙂 They were yummy – it’s fun to eat the things we cook!

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We also went to Hibernate!

We truly had an amazing day on Thursday. We had our pajamas on, had our very own bears, and went into our cave in the Exploration Room! It was so much fun to sit in our “cave” and eat pancakes. We read some great books about Hibernation and the yeladim really had the experience of being a bear in the winter! We found a white bear in the cave today and one of the yeladim excitedly yelled out, “He does not Hibernate! He is a polar bear!” And we immediately took the polar bear out of our bear cave. Whew!

The pancakes were made by us and we just love making anything from scratch in our kitah. From pancakes to playdough, it doesn’t matter. It gives the yeladim the opportunity to count, mix and even see the changes in the bowl as we mix! We just had to add some chocolate chips as well to the pancake batter! MMmmmmm….

In this week’s parsha Vayechi, Yaacov is becoming very old. He asks his son Yosef to bring in his two sons, Menashe and Efraim. We explained to the yeladim that these two brothers were not twins like Yaacov and Eisav. So Yaacov put his right hand on Menashe and his left hand on Ephraim and then suddenly he switched his hands! Yosef did not understand. He told his father that his right hand should be on Menashe because he is the oldest. But Yaacov told Yosef that Ephraim will be the more important brother and that is why he switched his hands.




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Bears are Sleeping….

We are loving are unit on Hibernation! In circle time we talked about how not all bears hibernate. Polar bears do not because they live in the cold all the time! They have adapted to the cold weather. We were like bears yesterday when we stepped with our feet into white paint and we walked all over the looonnng butcher paper making “footprints in the snow”. The yeladim loved seeing their “snowy” footprints all over the paper!  


Speaking of the cold, we put water in ice cube trays last week, and the yeladim guessed that the water would freeze! We took the ice cubes and used them as paint brushes. We had so much fun painting with the ice cubes! Brrrrrrr… it’s cold outside!

And since we love snow so much we have been exploring all different ways to create a winter wonderland in our classroom by re-creating snowflakes and other winter ornamentation.

We made snow playdough from scratch and used wooden snowflakes.

We created unique snowflakes using our gluey/shaving cream snow and Q-tips.


We used styrofoam type pieces to build igloos and other things.

And so much more!!

Check back soon!!!


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It’s an icy day in the Butterfly class

Last week we filled tall ice cube trays with water and put drops of liquid watercolors and food coloring in them. We put them in the freezer for a few days to let them freeze.

When we took them out today, we saw that the water turned into ice! We took out the colored ice from the container and thought they looked like crayons. We were very excited to paint with them.

Lieba said, “It’s freezing!”
“My hands are cold,” said Ayalon.
“So cold,” said Lauren. Ash agreed that “It’s cold, really cold ice.”
Uriel also said, “Cold!”
Simon said, “It’s cold, I need to wash my hands.”

We painted the paper, our hands, and even the table. The colors were beautiful!

“Red and green are my favorite,” Lia said.
“Really cold!” Maayan said.

We discovered that as the ice melted, the colors made beautiful patterns on the table. Emily dragged her finger through the paint and made lines.
Zachary held the ice in his hand for a whole minute – his hand must have felt like cold an ice cube too.
It was a very interesting exploration.

We also made snow paintings by painting with white paint on aluminum foil and then sprinkling glitter on top. The art pieces turned out shiny and sparkly and really make our classroom look like winter. Come take a look at our snowy room!

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Snow has arrived! in the Sunflowers

We were so excited that winter had arrived! We read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. We made snow in our class by mixing shaving cream and glue. Peter made footprints in the snow. So did we, just like Peter! Peter dragged a stick in the snow. So did we, just like Peter! We also went outside and made snow angels. The yeladim really felt like Peter!



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