It is winter outside even though there is no snow. Soon it is going to be very cold outside. It is hard for the animals to be outside in the winter, so they crawl under the ground called a “Den.” They hibernate!  The yeladim pretended to be bears and curled up and slept. We talked about how the bears sleep until the spring. We painted boxes brown so they look like a bear’s den in the woods.

The yeladim were so excited when they found snow in the parking lot. We brought the snow to our kitah. This is the second time that we have brought snow into the kitah! We loved playing with it. Squeezing it, and seeing how it melts in their hands! We loved playing with the snow so much that we decided to make fake snow! Each child had the chance to pour glue and shaving cream together into a bowl, and the yeladim mixed it with their spoons. The children loved the feel of the smooth texture of their snow and the fact that it wasn’t too cold to hold for a long time.


We showed the yeladim pictures of bears in their dens and even with snow surrounding them. We discussed how bears search for food before the snow comes. Since it is hard for bears to find food when the snow covers the ground, they hibernate which means the parts inside their bodies slow down so they don’t use as much energy and they rest until they can search for food again.

The children loved building their own bear dens. They then scooped the “snow” with their hands and put it on top of their bear dens. It was such smooshy fun.

In this week’s parsha, parshat Vayigash, Yosef told his brothers who he was! He then told them to go tell their father Yaacov that he is alive, and to come back down to Mitzrayim so he could give them food. Remember that Yosef was in charge of all the food in Mitzrayim, and there was hunger all over the land. Yosef was able to help everyone by giving out food. He could not wait to see his father again!


Shabbat Shalom.