We are loving are unit on Hibernation! In circle time we talked about how not all bears hibernate. Polar bears do not because they live in the cold all the time! They have adapted to the cold weather. We were like bears yesterday when we stepped with our feet into white paint and we walked all over the looonnng butcher paper making “footprints in the snow”. The yeladim loved seeing their “snowy” footprints all over the paper!  


Speaking of the cold, we put water in ice cube trays last week, and the yeladim guessed that the water would freeze! We took the ice cubes and used them as paint brushes. We had so much fun painting with the ice cubes! Brrrrrrr… it’s cold outside!

And since we love snow so much we have been exploring all different ways to create a winter wonderland in our classroom by re-creating snowflakes and other winter ornamentation.

We made snow playdough from scratch and used wooden snowflakes.

We created unique snowflakes using our gluey/shaving cream snow and Q-tips.


We used styrofoam type pieces to build igloos and other things.

And so much more!!

Check back soon!!!