Last week we filled tall ice cube trays with water and put drops of liquid watercolors and food coloring in them. We put them in the freezer for a few days to let them freeze.

When we took them out today, we saw that the water turned into ice! We took out the colored ice from the container and thought they looked like crayons. We were very excited to paint with them.

Lieba said, “It’s freezing!”
“My hands are cold,” said Ayalon.
“So cold,” said Lauren. Ash agreed that “It’s cold, really cold ice.”
Uriel also said, “Cold!”
Simon said, “It’s cold, I need to wash my hands.”
We painted the paper, our hands, and even the table. The colors were beautiful!
“Red and green are my favorite,” Lia said.
“Really cold!” Maayan said.
We discovered that as the ice melted, the colors made beautiful patterns on the table. Emily dragged her finger through the paint and made lines.
Zachary held the ice in his hand for a whole minute – his hand must have felt like cold an ice cube too.
It was a very interesting exploration.
We also made snow paintings by painting with white paint on aluminum foil and then sprinkling glitter on top. The art pieces turned out shiny and sparkly and really make our classroom look like winter. Come take a look at our snowy room!