We truly had an amazing day on Thursday. We had our pajamas on, had our very own bears, and went into our cave in the Exploration Room! It was so much fun to sit in our “cave” and eat pancakes. We read some great books about Hibernation and the yeladim really had the experience of being a bear in the winter! We found a white bear in the cave today and one of the yeladim excitedly yelled out, “He does not Hibernate! He is a polar bear!” And we immediately took the polar bear out of our bear cave. Whew!

The pancakes were made by us and we just love making anything from scratch in our kitah. From pancakes to playdough, it doesn’t matter. It gives the yeladim the opportunity to count, mix and even see the changes in the bowl as we mix! We just had to add some chocolate chips as well to the pancake batter! MMmmmmm….

In this week’s parsha Vayechi, Yaacov is becoming very old. He asks his son Yosef to bring in his two sons, Menashe and Efraim. We explained to the yeladim that these two brothers were not twins like Yaacov and Eisav. So Yaacov put his right hand on Menashe and his left hand on Ephraim and then suddenly he switched his hands! Yosef did not understand. He told his father that his right hand should be on Menashe because he is the oldest. But Yaacov told Yosef that Ephraim will be the more important brother and that is why he switched his hands.