We had such a fun and cozy Pajama Hibernation Day!

Coming to school in our pajamas made us feel even more at home and relaxed than usual. The children really saw the humor in wearing them out of the house – they were commenting about it and laughing together at all the Morahs wearing pajamas too. It sure was funny and out of the ordinary! We had a really great time together comparing all the different pajamas and seeing who was wearing similar colors and patterns.

We made delicious pancakes to eat. Breakfast in school in our pajamas – what could be better? The children are experts at cooking together by now. Their proficient cooking skills are impressive as they count and pour each ingredient into the bowl so carefully and mix them all into a smooth batter.

Look at these cute concentrating faces.

Then we watched the pancakes cook. When they had bubbles on one side, we knew they were ready to flip. We saw them turn from a thin batter into pancakes!

While they cooked we hibernated with the bears. (And Zachary’s chipmunk.)

At lunch we ate our pancakes. They were gobbled up so fast we didn’t take any pictures. 🙂 They were yummy – it’s fun to eat the things we cook!