We made snowmen in our kitah! No, not snowmen on a piece of paper, but actual snowmen that the yeladim can take home with them! Creating them was just as fun as  talking about them! We started our creations with a white sock. They stuffed the sock with filler all the way up to the top. The Morot helped them tie their strings around the sock to make a head and a body.  And then they were off creating their adorable friends. All different kinds of things were brought to the table. Buttons, googly eyes, felt for scarves, and of course cute socks for their hats! Once all the cute creatures were created, we talked with the yeladim about their friendly friends and the children dictated their stories about their snowmen. In circle time we talked about stories. Who writes the stories that we read in books? We learned that the writer is called an author. So we were so excited to become authors of the stories about our snowmen! Hope you enjoy the book!

And here are some other great things going on each day!