If you’ve peeked into our classroom over the last few weeks you might have noticed the different kinds of snowmen we’ve been creating together.

First we decided that our winter scene in the library would be even better with a snowman. So we decided to make a life-size one. We stuffed big bags with packing material and tied them shut. Then we stacked them up and glued them together.

We added a hat, eyes, nose, and buttons. It turned out to be such an adorable snowman with an adorable name to match – Pompom! He is so much fun to hug and to sit next to reading books. He’s already learning our circle time songs! Such a fun addition to our class. The children are so kind to point out to Morah when he seems to be tilting and are happy for him when he’s all straightened out again.

Then we remembered how much fun we had creating our sticky dreidel collage for Chanukah so we decided to create a sticky snowman too. First we made a big snowball on the bottom. We stuck lots of white tissue paper pieces on. It looked like it snowed in the classroom!

Then we added a second snowball for the middle and a smaller one for the head with cotton balls on it.

So cute! Meet Mr. Snowman! (But shhh… don’t tell him… Pompom is our favorite.)

We went outside to see if we could make real snowballs but it was a bit too powdery. So we had fun spraying the snow with colored water instead. Our fingers got a good workout on those spray bottles.  We also used sticks to write letters in the snow.

We thought of another kind of snowball we could make… snowball cookies! We made the dough into balls and rolled them in confectioner’s sugar. It was a snowy sweet delicious mess.

We are reinforcing our color knowledge every day. For another winter activity, we did a color matching game. Each child had a chance to match red, yellow, and blue pieces to the corresponding color mitten.

Have a great vacation! We’ll see you on the other end.