We love singing our ” Snowman” song, so we decided to make a snowman for our  Kitah! It will look great along with our mittens and snowflakes! We took large white butcher paper and painted it with white paint. We used our hands to spread the paint. Then we took white glotter and sprinkled that over the white paint. The yeladim commented that the glitter looks like real snow because it looks like ice. They have great memories!

Off to the park we went, and we gathered some sticks for our snowman’s hands. We will add eyes, a nose, a hat, and buttons down his belly. We can’t wait to decorate it!

We read The Mitten again and the yeladim just love looking at the book and watching how each animal goes into the mitten that gets bigger and bigger and bigger! We can’t wait to start our Mitten project tomorrow. We can’t wait for some snow to fall soon!


And more fun… We really missed each other over vacation!