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Little Beginners Begins!!

We are having a ball together in Little Beginners Class. The children really enjoy interacting with each other. It is so fun to watch them explore together. Here are some of our favorite things to do:

– play as a group / share our toys in the class
– color the letters of our names with chunky crayons
– clean up after ourselves
– sing during Circle Time and Dovening
– use dot paints
– ride bikes and go down the slide together
– play with rice in the rice table
– play with the big bouncy balls
– dance to music


Yes we have been quite busy and it has only been two days!

We are off for Shavuot this week but we look forward to being together with all our friends next week!

Chag Sameach!!

Morah Deena and Morah Leora

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Yom Yerushalayim… in the Sunflowers

What an exciting day we had on Wednesday! The library was transformed to the Old City!  The yeladim walked around the walls and we looked at every gate that was an entrance to the Old City.  Once we went in we found the Kotel and faced it and started to Daven. Then the yeladim took little bricks and proceeded to build their very own Kotel!

Next we focused on ancient items that were found from many thousands of years ago. The yeladim used magnifying glasses and noticed little things that were written on coins, or pitchers. They then “dug” into the sand to find pictures of items to match on the walls. They really enjoyed being archeologists!

There are many mosaic pictures made of tiles that are in old buildings in the Old City. There was also a picture of King David. The yeladim used tiles to make their own depictions! After our wonderful tour of this special place we returned to the kitah. The yeladim kept talking about all the activities they did.

Since Shavuot is in a week, we made delicious sugar cookies in shape of a Torah. We had Torah cookie cutters and after cutting them, we sprinkled blue and white sprinkles on them. Hope you enjoy them!

Last but not least, we let our butterflies free! It was such an exciting moment! When they flew away we waved goodbye. Amazing to watch the whole metamorphosis.



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Our Butterflies Flew Away! In the Butterfly Class

Today was a very full and interesting day. It was Yom Yerushalayim and we celebrated by experiencing the Old City for ourselves. Upstairs in the library was a walled circle with gates to go in and out. We learned about each gate and each part of the city and did a special activity or exploration as we went in each gate. We especially enjoyed making mosaic designs out of tiles and being archaeologists and finding artifacts in the sand. It was really an immersive experience.

We also decided, after a week of observing our butterflies, feeding them, and watching them fly around their little habitat, that it was time to let them live in a bigger space. We took them outside for the very first time in their lives! They flew around excitedly before we opened the zipper and then we waited to see what they would do. We thought they might go slowly and we wondered if they would land on our hands or shoulders. But they flew away so fast! We guessed they were really happy to have so much space to fly and that they could find their own food now. We waved to them as they flew away and thought that maybe they’ll come back to visit us.

After that, we ate snack outside. It’s nice to eat outside in the fresh air sometimes!

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Torah, Torah! in the Sunflowers

With Shavuot coming there are so many great things to explore. Rabbi Mischel took us to the Beit Midrash in the Shule. He opened up the Aron. We talked about how the Aron is where the Torah stays. It’s like a house. He opened the Torah and the yeladim had the opportunity to look inside the Torah. They looked at the letters and were able to hold the “yad”. They remembered having spent time before Simchat Torah looking at the big Torah in the Shule.


Rabbi Rosenblum came to show how a Torah is made. It is written on animal skin. They were able to see and feel the skin and the parchment it becomes. Rabbi Rosenblum told us a Sofer writes the Torah. Also it is not written with a normal pen, but with a feather dipped in ink. The yeladim had a chance to use their own feathers dipped in ink! They had such a good time practicing to become a sofer!

Speaking of Shavuot and and receiving the Torah, we spoke about how After the Torah was given the special mountain, Har Sinai may have grown beautiful flowers. We planted new flowers on our garden. The yeladim used trowels and dug holes in the soil. We actually found a long worm! The flower garden now looks beautiful!

The children love gardening at our school. They so enjoyed the planting in the soil. They have the chance to plant in pots in our Exploration Room. In honor of Shavuot,  the yeladim asked if they could bring some flowers home. They had a choice of planters that they would be able to decorate. This will be the beginning of their creation of a beautiful centerpiece. Some other […]

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The Exploration Room……. in the Sunflowers

We go to the Exploration Room everyday, but we did something different on Tuesday afternoon. We turned the lights off and, using an overhead projector, we took all different types of items such as Q tips, shells, puzzle pieces and put them on the projector. The yeladim noticed that all the items were opaque. Then we took our new light box that we made and on it we put a different type of shell. On that we were able to see through those shells! So interesting! Then the yeladim decided to go on the stage and sing all of their favorite songs. We had such a good time!

In the park we took multi colored handkerchiefs and tied them around all the trees in the park. It looked like the Old City in Yerushalayim. The children spontaneously pretended to Daven at the Kotel. What a sight!

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We have butterflies in the Butterfly class!

When we got to our classroom we saw the most amazing sight. Two of our butterflies had come out of their chrysalises! We were so thrilled because we’ve been waiting for this for more than two weeks, and it finally happened – just like that. We put the butterfly habitat on top of the block shelf so we could see it better and we watched them flutter around. We wondered if they would tickle our hands if they landed on them. They are so cute (as are these faces watching them intently).

Guess how butterflies eat? With their feet! They stand on top of a flower and drink up the nectar like that. Isn’t that funny? We’re giving them sugar water to eat. We hope they like it.

We will keep them for a week to observe them and then let them go!

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The flowers are blooming…… in the Sunflowers

We checked on our strawberry plants that we planted about a week ago, and we could not believe it! They have already bloomed  flowers! We talked about what a flower needs in order to grow. Water and sunlight. Our flower song explains what all the parts of the flower do. The roots keep the flower in place. The stem brings the water up to the leaves. The leaves take the sunlight and change it into food for the plant. And the flower turns into a fruit. We love singing this song with all the hand motions as well!

The Seed by Eric Carle was a perfect book to read. A small seed flies in the wind along with many large seeds. Some seeds do not last in the wind, but the small seed ends up growing into the biggest flower!

Yom Yerushalayim is next week.  In the modern city of Yerushalayim there is an area that has walls around it. It is the Old City. We even looked at an aerial view of the city. We explained to the yeladim that we were not always allowed to go into this special old city of Yerushalayim. Other nations controlled it. We have been able to freely enter and live in Yerushalayim for the past fifty years. What a special place it is. A part of the wall in the Old City is the Kotel. This wall was part of the Beit Hamikdash that was destroyed. The yeladim took their magnifying glasses and went around the room to find pictures that we hung on the walls that were of the Old City. Then they had the opportunity to build their own Kotel with bricks on a piece of paper. Everyone had […]

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We made a real bonfire! In the Butterflies

After making a practice bonfire in our classroom, we knew just what we needed to make a real one outside. Sticks and rocks! We used the sticks we collected to help build the pyramid shape in the fire pit Mr. Seth brought. He showed us something very interesting – the sticks that break in half easily are good to use. If they just bend and don’t break, they’re still alive and won’t burn well. Who knew?

We sang Lag Ba’omer songs with the Rabbi while the fire got going. Then it was marshmallow time! We used long sticks so we wouldn’t get too close to the fire. We were so brave and careful! We held the sticks right near the fire and turned them to get them evenly roasted. Some of us liked the melty marshmallows and some liked them plain. They were all definitely delicious and( definitely sticky). What a great experience.


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Creating a caterpillar habitat! In the Butterflies

We really know so much about caterpillars and their life cycle now. They start out as a little egg that’s sticky and sits on a leaf, until a little caterpillar crawls out.

Then it eats and eats and gets really big and then makes a chrysalis (like our caterpillars are in now! We saw that the chrysalises are brown, so we have the answer to that question some children asked). After a few weeks, it pushes itself out and is a butterfly!

We are finding new opportunities to extend these explorations every day.

Our caterpillars came in a little cup and we really enjoyed watching them crawl around and eat their food, but we know from observing caterpillars outside that caterpillars really like to live in a place with lots of dirt, leaves, and grass. So we decided to create a real caterpillar habitat.

We remembered the pictures of different caterpillars that we saw last week, and looked at them again, as well as a few other pictures, and of course the pictures we took outdoors, to notice what their environment looked like. We made a list of what we needed: grass, leaves, dirt, and rocks.

Then we headed outside to collect some nature!

We shoveled dirt and chose leaves and twigs. Some of the leaves had little round holes in them and we wondered if caterpillars had eaten through them, like in The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

When we came inside, we painted a box brown to use as the habitat. Next, we’ll put in everything we collected.

Also, here’s a sneak peek at our bonfire!

And one more sweet picture to end off.

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A,E,I,O, and U, and an Author, Too. in the Sunflowers

Author! Author! A real life author who wrote a real book is coming to visit!! We are eagerly anticipating Chana Stiefel’s arrival to our school. At circle time we discussed what an author does. The yeladim answered that an author is a person who writes books. Chana Stiefel wrote a book called Daddy Depot. A girl named Lizzie wants a new Daddy! So Lizzie went to Daddy Depot to look for a new Daddy. So funny! The yeladim said that one cannot get a new daddy. We talked about our daddies and why we love them so much! We wrote down our answers and they are hanging up in our kitah. We are excited to Chana come read us the story she wrote. We made a welcome poster for Chana and we can’t wait for her to see it!

Lag Ba’omer is Sunday and we reflected on how people are nice to one another. V’ahavta L’ raiacha Kamocha! Treat your friends like you would want to be treated. We stood on the carpet and held hands in a circle. We sang that special song, and the yeladim were really enjoying it! The yeladim practiced building their own bonfire in the park. It was really amazing. They just found rocks and put them in a circle. Then they gathered twigs and arranged them like a teepee. All we needed were the matches!

The yeladim love reading and making up words and pronouncing letter sounds. So we talked about the five vowels in the alphabet. All vowels have two sounds. The long sound and the short sound.

The children love to explore things and they really get into it. They use their whole bodies from fingers to toes.We have been focusing on […]

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