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Cars and Boats and Planes, Oh My! Transportation Week!

Vroom! Vroom! Racing down Camp Cochavim Way!



Happy Birthday to our friend Zachary!


Story Time…


Boat Race and Water Fun!



Lunch n’ Fun!




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Crafts, Fashion Shows and More!

Who do I look like?

Snack time!



Handprint art!

Tracing our bodies!


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The fun has just begun in Camp Cochavim

My handprints…high five anyone?


Woah! How many times did you go down the slide?!

Splish! Splash!

Say cheese!

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First Day of Camp!

We started off our day with some water play and playground fun!

Getting ready for some fun in the sun! Look out park! Here we come!

Guess who?!

Dancing, games and sports!



Mmmm…what did you bring for lunch?




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So here we are……… in the Sunflowers

Words cannot describe how we feel this week. The yeladim have grown  so much. All their experiences and their growth of Torah knowledge has made them into such wonderful and mature yeladim. Thank you for letting us into their lives!

We started a special project for a special person. Cannot really share much information, but maybe the Mommies know what is going on!

The yeladim went outside on Monday, and noticed the wall that the men were starting to build around Pesach time. We also saw a big truck lifting the heavy bricks as well. And of course we saw our flower garden and noticed that the soil was very dry, so they took the hose and watered the garden.

This week we had our bake sale along with our lemonade stand. The Sunflowers made chocolate balls. We mixed cocoa powder, sugar , rice krispies, margarine, vanilla, and non dairy whipping cream. The yeladim mixed the mixture together and we rolled them into balls and dipped them into different kinds of sprinkles and icing sugar! YUM! Thank you to everyone who bought our goodies! We promise to use the money for something that we need!

We wish everyone a wonderful summer and cannot wait to see you next year for another amazing year!


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Little Beginners: Where it all begins

Here’s what we loved last week:
-we played with play dough and used cookie cutters and rollers
-we made Father’s Day cards
-we danced
-we sang songs
-we built towers
-we explored the Exploration Room
-we traced our hands
-we experienced glue and its texture
-we colored
-we read books

Let’s do it again!!


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One more week in the Butterfly Class! :(

Thank you so much for taking the time to be part of our celebration! It was so nice to share our morning with all the parents, grandparents, and siblings who came to join us.  We really enjoyed it and we hope you did too.

We are sad the year is ending, but are very excited for the last few days of school. We have fun things planned until the last minute.

Here is the video we showed, if you would like to watch it again or share it with anyone.

Shabbat Shalom!

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End of the year party and more in the Sunflowers

It was an amazing morning. The yeladim made us all so proud. Thank you for sharing your children with us. We were so overwhelmed with emotion as we are sure you were too when the boys received tzitzit and when the girl’s received their candlesticks. They have really grown throughout the year. You got a glimpse of what we have done during Circle Time and Shabbos Party. And now they have the tools they need to go to Pre – k and beyond. Enjoy your beautiful children. Hashem gave them to you, and may you have tremendous nachas!

We did something very different in the Exploration Room. We had mirrors on the table and the yeladim had available different loose parts, like stones, small shells, sticks, foam rectangles, and puzzle pieces. The yeladim had the opportunity to create to their hearts content. Before we knew it the were inspired to create shapes which eventually led them to create buildings and letters. They were so excited to see where their creations led them. They really enjoyed it! We will certainly revisit this activity again before school ends!


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Wrapping it up….. in the Sunflowers

Hope you had a wonderful Shavuot! We were so excited that author Chana Stiefel was able to come to our school. She wrote the funny book called Daddy Depot. She explained how the idea of the story came to her. One night her daughter  became very frustrated with her father and wanted to trade for another Daddy. Where else would one go to trade in your daddy? Daddy Depot of course! Chana read the book in our kitah and she brought the book to life with all her different dress up props. We thank her so much for coming. If you want to read more about Chana’s book click here.



We are getting ready for the special Sunflower celebration that will take place this Thursday. Our kitah had a fun time  making the dough for our challah that we will be eating this week. The yeladim have become professional bakers this year. We will be shaping the dough and then baking it. Can’t wait for the challah smell to permeate the school!


The yeladim love cutting and tracing. They remember how to  hold their scissors with their thumbs up and they love cutting cutting different shapes and strips. They also trace different shapes and color with markers and colored pencils as well. Great for their fine motor skills!

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday at 9:00 in our classroom!


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Beyond Words – The 50th Yom Yerushalayim

What a joy, and a tremendous merit, to be in Israel for the 50th Yom Yerushalayim!  As Rabbi Riskin said, “You have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the miracles of our generation!”  Redemption is on it’s way, much faster than I ever realized before…


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