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GRRRR! Roar!!! Woof woof! It’s Zoo Week!

If you were an animal, what would you be?


We met a new friend…Mr. Moo Moo the Cow!


We helped Mr. Moo Moo by putting spots on him


We got to make ZEBRA COOKIES!


Look at the new water sprayers we got!



Lunch Picnic!


Animal shape painting

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What an Awesome Day!

Fun in the sun!



Shabbat party and lunch!


Haetz Painting! We did a stamping paint art using fruit that we make the bracha “Haetz” on! We used yellow lemons, green limes and red apples…


Choo! Choo! All aboard!



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Only Smiles at Camp Cochavim!

Smiles all around!



Making cookies for “mezonot” bracha!



We loved the new sprinkler we got! Thank you to Daniela and Lia’s Mommy for getting it for us!



Making Playdough…


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Mr. Ha’Adama Man!

Wanna race?


Circle Time! What’s your favorite song we sing?



We made a “Mr. Ha’Adama Man”, take a look!


Hop, skip and jump!



Carrots grow in the “Ha’Adama”! Look what we made!



Playing with the “Ha’Adama”…

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Hagafen Fun Continued…

Playground games!



Decorating KIddush cups for Hagafen day!

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All About “Hagafen”

We made our own grape juice! First we had to squish the grapes…

Then we saw the juice coming out and squeezed it into a cup

We also liked to eat the grapes!

Before we drank it the grape juice we made the bracha “Boreh pri Hagafen” of course!


Playing in the gym


Circle Time!


We made a “Mr. Hagafen Man”



While playing with some new toys, we made a beehive!


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Picnic Time!

Shabbat Party!


Glitter and Challah? Only at craft time in Camp Cochavim!


We had a picnic today!


Water fun!


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Artists at Work!


High five anyone?


Shake your shakers!


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Music Fun!!!

“Shpritz” the water!



Making a surprise picture frame for Mommy and Daddy…


Making a concert with our microphones…


Look at these shakers we made!


Let’s see you dance! Bubble wrap dancing and playing musical instruments!





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Dancing, Crafts and Building Towers!

Look what we built…


We took a trip to see the colored glass…


Dance, dance, dance!


Grape juice and challah…you know what that means…Shabbos Party!


Making our own robots



Cars and sprinkler fun!


Making microphones so we’re ready for our concert…


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