What a fantastic day we had! The yeladim hung up all their belongings, took out their lunch boxes and found their chairs with their names on them. We davened, had snack and then played with all the different centers in the classroom.

During circle time we started to talk about Rosh Hashanah, a  holiday that celebrates the New Year. We discussed what the word “new” meant. We gave some examples to the yeladim; Lieba had new shoes for school and Morah Lilli ate a new food that she had never eaten before.

Speaking of food, we discussed that many of us dip apples in honey. The yeladim were able to smell the honey today. Yum! We are going to taste the honey tomorrow and also taste something salty as well. On Rosh Hashana we want to eat something sweet so we will have a sweet New Year. A sweet new beginning.

We looked at three different types of apples: red, yellow and green. We asked the yeladim if they thought that all the apples will taste different, not the same. They thought about it and said they were not sure. We will taste the three apples tomorrow and we will see what they taste like! Cannot wait to dip them in honey as well!

The challahs that we eat on Rosh Hashanah are found, like a circle. We lifted our hand and stuck out our pointer finger. We practiced making circles in the air. Then we went to our art studio and practiced making circles with finger paint. What color finger paint did we use? Well of course red, yellow, and green. The colors of the apples that we eat on Rosh Hashanah!

Can’t wait to explore more exciting things tomorrow!


Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit