On Thursday we came into the classroom and remembered what to do – the first thing is to hang up our jacket and backpack and put our water bottle on the shelf. Then we go right to the green rug for circle time. After we sang our davening songs, we learned that Rosh Hashana is coming! We do so many things on Rosh Hashana so that we’ll have a sweet new year. One of the things we do is dip apples in honey because they’re so sweet and delicious. We sang “Dip the Apple in the Honey” as we passed around two apples to touch and feel. We noticed that one was green and one was red and they were very smooth. We also looked at a picture of an apple tree and compared it to the tree in our classroom. Something is missing from our tree – apples!

We put on our smocks and dot painted apple shapes with red, green, and yellow dot paints. We said “dot dot dot dot” while we painted and made some very realistic looking designs. Come see our apple tree!

At snack time we had the chance to choose to taste red or green apples. Some children decided not to have any, but lots of children had seconds and thirds! It was so sweet and crunchy. Noam liked the green apple. Maggie liked the green one too. She said it tasted good. Liat liked the red kind, and Yair liked both. Izzy said the green one tasted like apple.

Friday’s Shabbat celebrations were so exciting!! First, we went to the shul for a singalong with all the children in the school! We say the real Aron Kodesh and sat right up close! We even got to go up on the bima and touch it!! One day soon we will look inside! And we loved singing Shabbat songs with the Rabbi as he played on his guitar. We are all set for Shabbat!!