We continued discussing apples in the kitah, so it was time to start tasting them. The yeladim wanted to taste the yellow apples first. “Yummy”, they said. Then they wanted to taste the green apples. They noticed that the green apple was a lot harder to bite into. Last but not least, the red apples were eaten. ” It’s sweet! ” they yelled. It was so interesting to see how the yeladim reacted to the taste and texture each apple. The really observed the taste and texture.

After the apple tasting, we wanted to find out which apples were each child’s favorite. A chart was made and put  in the middle of the carpet. Each child was called upon to pick the color apple that they felt tasted the best. Red, yellow and green paper apples were in three piles in the middle of the carpet. They picked the paper apple that they liked the best. They then put glue on their paper apples with a glue stick and placed the paper apple in the matching color column. We looked closely at the columns of apples. We counted the number of apples in each column. We looked carefully to see which color apple had the most votes. Guess what!! We had a tie! Four yeladim loved the green apples and four yeladim loved the red. Three loved the green. We had so much fun doing this activity!

In the afternoon, the yeladim asked if we could dip apples in honey. Why not? So the yeladim first dipped their fingers in the honey. “Mmmmmmmm”, was all that we heard. “Is the honey sweet or salty?”, we asked. They thought about it. “Lets taste something else.”, we said. So we tasted sea salty Pop Corners. “Yummy!”, they said again. “Does the honey taste like the pop corners?”, we asked. “No!”, they yelled. So then it was very clear. Honey is sweet and Pocorners are salty.  Yummy!

We loved our Shabbat Singalongs. Every Friday morning we will go into the shul right after arrival and we will get ready for Shabbat together with all our school friends. We love singing our Shabbat favorites!! And then the Rabbi visited us and sang with us with his guitar!! We are ready for Shabbat!!