We continued our Rosh Hashana explorations by focusing on bees and honey. We held a toy bee and flew it around, saying “bzzzz.” Everyone thought that was pretty funny – we got some cute giggles!

We did a fun bee finger play too.

(make your hand into a fist)

Here is the beehive, but where are all the bees?

Hiding away where nobody sees!

Watch and you’ll see them come out of the hive

(take fingers out one by one) 1…2…3…4…5! 


We read a book about how bees make honey in a beehive and had the chance to touch a piece of a real honeycomb. We each put out one finger and touched it gently so it wouldn’t break. It had a lot of small holes that fit our fingers perfectly!


Then we decided to make a big beehive in our classroom. We thought about what had the same shape as the honeycomb holes and had the idea to use egg cartons. All the children helped tape them onto the wall, bending down to put them close to the floor and reaching up to stick them high.

At snack time, we tasted apples again. We had something very yummy with them – can you guess? It was honey! We sang “Dip the Apple in the Honey” as we dipped and ate. Some children enjoyed dipping their finger in the honey too and noticed it was sticky. It was so sweet and delicious. We can’t wait to eat honey on Rosh Hashana to have a sweet new year.

After that, we thought our beehive should have honey in it. We crumpled up yellow paper just like the honey we tasted and stuck it into each compartment. We’ll add a big buzzing bee to our beehive soon!

This week we also learned about our outdoor Safety Spot, which is where we go if we need to leave the building to stay safe. We walked up the emergency steps together with the Sunflower class and gathered in the safety spot next to the parking lot. Morah Rachelle told us that when we need to go out, Mr. George will make an alarm go off so we know. To practice, while we were still outside, Mr. George turned on the alarm so we could hear it and get used to the sound as we went back inside. We did such a great job and walked calmly and safely.

After that, we had fun playing in the playground. Some of our favorite things to do there are to find flowers and leaves, climb up the steps and go down the slide, and go for jogs around the path with our friends.