We are continuing our fascination with honey! We loved tasting it, dipping with it, and just feeling it so we decided to learn more about where honey comes from. Honey bees fly around to look for flowers. When they find them, the bees return to their hive and “tell” the other bees where the flowers are. The bees actually “talk” to each other by doing a little dance. They tell the other bees where the flowers are! Then many bees leave the hive to land on the flowers to suck nectar from them. Once they suck the nectar, they return to the hive to make honey. A hive can have one thousand bees living in it. The queen bee is in charge of all the worker bees. She is the biggest bee. We showed the yeladim many pictures of real hives and they searched and searched to find out which one was the Queen bee!

We listened to Flight of the Bumble Bee in class. We pretended to be bees and flew around to search for flowers. Once we saw the flowers, we went back to he hive to do our little dance o tell all the bees where the flowers are! 

Inside the hive, there are many holes. They are called cells. That is where the bees make their honey. Off to the art studio we went to start making our bees. We painted sticks yellow. Then added black stripes.  We will add wings, a head and eyes and our bee will be complete. Our “hive” in the kitah is under our tree. The yeladim glued on special paper that had small holes in it that actually looked like cells! It is just waiting for our bees to be finished so the bees can start living in the hive!

The yeladim have been hearing about Rosh Hashanah for the past week. This week we spoke about Tashlich. On the first day of Rosh Hashanah, in the afternoon we walk to a lake or a pond to say Tashlich. It is a special Tefilah that we say for Hashem to forgive us for our Aveirot. For all the mistakes that we might have done in the past year. We are “throwing” all our mistakes in the water. Again to the art studio we went and painted our white butcher paper with blue paint. That will be our “water” for our Tashlich in school. We might have to add something in the water! We will see!

This week we also learned about our outdoor Safety Spot, which is where we go if we need to leave the building to stay safe. We walked up the emergency steps together with the Butterfly Class and gathered at the safety spot next to the parking lot. Morah Rachelle told us that when we need to go out, Mr. George will make an alarm go off so we know. To practice, while we were still outside, Mr. George turned on the alarm so we could hear it and get used to the sound as we went back inside. We did such a great job and walked calmly and safely.

We had such a great two days! Cannot wait for the rest of the week!