We do so many things on Rosh Hashana. We dip apples in honey, we go to shul, we go to tashlich, and we blow the shofar. We’ve been practicing our shofar sounds and learned a song too.

Toot toot toot, I’m blowing my shofar

Shana tova, shana tova! 

Rabbi Rosenblum came today to show us how a shofar is made. He had a few long shofars for us to touch, and some small antlers too. Some were straight and some were curly. We passed them around really nicely for each person to hold.


Some of us even had a chance to help make the shofar by pulling, drilling, and twisting. We have such strong and helpful children in our class!

After that, we each had a turn to sand it down with sandpaper to make it smooth. Then we got to take our very own shofar to our classroom to practice blowing it!

We’re preparing some other delicious surprises too. Rosh Hashana is right around the corner!