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Where are you going and how are you getting there? in the Sunflowers

In Parshat Lech Lecha Hashem told Avraham it’s time to leave your home. Avraham was such a wise man and always listened to Hashem. So he left with his wife Sarah and went down to Eretz Canaan. But there was no food there so they left and went to Mitzrayim (Egypt).  Since Avraham always listened to Hashem, Hashem told him he will have as many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren like stars in the sky! What an amazing promise that Hashem made!

Speaking of trips we talked about many ways we can get from one place to the other. This is called transportation. We talked about different modes of transportation. Car and airplane were the favorite answers. But then we read a book Choo Choo Clickety Clack by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe. The yeladim loved the words to the book along with the eye-popping art! In the book, it mentions eleven ways to “go somewhere” as the yeladim yelled!

On the carpet we looked at different types of wheels. Some were thick and some were thin. Then we were able to paint with wheels as well! We love painting with different types of things as you know! Fingers, bark and now wheels!

The yeladim said that sometimes they drive for a “long time” in the car, just like Avraham traveled for a long time! They learned that for long trips like those in a car or airplane we make a special T’filah asking Hashem to keep us safe. This T’filah is called T’filat Haderech. After talking about so many different modes of transportation and trips we could take, The yeladim made this special T’filah for you by using watercolors for the first time in our kitah. […]

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Another great week in the Butterfly class

We sure learned a lot about animals this week! To review everything we talked about and all the explorations we did, each child made a peekaboo animal guessing game to bring home. They chose each fabric piece to match the animal picture underneath and glued it on. They are very excited to show you everything they know! Ask them about the names of the animals, which animal each fabric represents, and what sounds the animals make.

Other ways we spend our days include singing our circle time and davening songs every day and learning all the words. Even the children who don’t talk so much really know and sing the songs. The children love giving tzedakah and singing Shema with all the motions. They also enjoy giving the Torah a hug before passing it on to a friend. We are working very hard at learning to take turns, and are getting better at asking “Can I have a turn?” if someone is using something. At this point in the year, we can tell that the children are really getting comfortable with the routine and know just what happens next at each point of the day.

It’s getting chillier outside and we’re squeezing out every last bit of time in the playground before the winter. Look at these happy faces! We particularly enjoy going for walks around the path singing “We’re going for a walk,” throwing leaves up in the air, and coloring with chalk. We write our names on the ground and find the letters that our names start with. The children also love exploring the back corner where we find interesting acorns, leaves, and rocks. We ask questions like “What does it feel like?” “Is […]

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We made pizza! Cooking club #2

We made pizza this week! The children tried to guess what the dough was for. A lot of them thought it was for challah. The funny thing was, they already made challah today, so they knew it must be for something else. They got another hint – we were going to put cheese on it. “Pizza!” they said. They rolled, flattened, and stretched the dough until it was a big circle. Then they put it in their pans and stretched it more so it reached the edges.

Then we prepared the toppings. We had broccoli, mushrooms, yellow and orange peppers, and olives. The children each had a turn to carefully help chop the vegetables into little pieces. Everyone wanted to try them, so we taste tested each one. Some children asked for seconds and some didn’t really like one or two of them, but they all tried all of them! Isn’t that amazing? We talked about how great it is to try something even if you don’t think you like it, because maybe you’ll like it this time. That way, you can surprise yourself by finding a new enjoyable food, as we did today. One good way to try new foods is to help cook them – they’re a lot more exciting that way.

After that, we scooped and spread sauce and sprinkled cheese on top. Then the children chose their favorite toppings to put on their pizzas. Each one came out different and delicious. Then there were more requests to taste the vegetables, so we did. Vegetables are yummy!

When they were complete, the children helped clean the table before going home. That’s an important part of cooking too!

See you next […]

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Red and orange and yellow and green… in the Sunflowers

You would not believe it! On Friday morning right after we had a beautiful singalong with Rabbi Mischel and Morah Rachelle in the shule, we came into the social hall and found a rainbow illuminating on the wooden floor. We were so happy because it was right before the Shabbat of reading Parshat Noach! We learned that Hashem was going to bring a big Mabul(flood) to the world. He told Noach to build a Teyva (ark). It should have three floors. On the top floor Noach’s family will live. On the second floor all the animals will live there. The bottom floor was reserved for garbage. Hashem told Noach as well to put the animals in the Teyva two by two. One male animal and one female animal. Once everyone went in the Teyva it started to rain. It rained for forty days and forty nights! Until the whole world filled with water. After it stopped raining the family wanted to leave the Teyva right away. But Noach knew better not to leave. He sent a dove from a window and waited for it to return. It came back with a branch in its mouth. Then Noach knew that there was dry land and that they were able to leave the  Teyva. Once they left the Teyva Noach noticed a Keshet (rainbow) in the sky. It was a sign from Hashem that he would never bring a Mabul again to the world.

Following our Parsha time, the yeladim had the opportunity to play with many things in the kitah relating to the Parsha. They loved to play with plastic animals as well as build their own Teyva with wooden blocks. We actually have a wooden […]

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Animal Fun in the Butterfly Class

We have a new addition to our class – a fish! We met him in the morning when he was still in his little container from the pet store, and all together we put him into his new tank and fed him. We brainstormed some names for him. Some of the children thought of the name “Red” and it seemed to stick even the next day, so Red it was. (Even though he’s not actually red.) We are really enjoying watching him swim around, making sure not to touch the tank and scare him.

Do you know something funny? Right after we got our fish, Miss Jill came to sing with us, and one of the first songs she sang was a song about a fish! And she had no idea that we just got a new fish in our classroom.

We used animal stamps and animal stickers to make a big mural. Peeling stickers off the sheet is very good for fine motor skills.

We also learned a lot about other animals too. We took out special fabrics that look like different animal prints and feel like different animal furs and skins. We talked about animals and their skins colors, patterns, sounds, and textures, and matched them up with toy animals, as well as pictures of the real ones.

We also really loved doing animal yoga. We did downward dog and frog jumps, flew like birds and swam like fish.

And as always there is more to come!

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Looking forward for Shabbos! in the Sunflowers

It was so fun having Ella’s mom read to us as our Library Guest. The children loved the books Ella and her mom chose.

There is nothing liking opening up coloring and cutting at the tables. The yeladim really love it and often ask when the next time we can cut and color. Stay tuned as well! We did so many other things this week!!


We got busy with our hands when we continued comparing and contrasting lemons and etrogim. But this time we cut them open to take a good look at both fruits. The first thing the yeladim observed was that the etrog had so many more seeds than the lemon. As Simon said, ” There are a million seeds!” They also observed that the etrog looked more white than the lemon. When we tried to squeeze the etrog for juice, we could not squeeze it at all! It was so hard to do. When we squeezed the lemon, all the juice easily went on the plate.

The skin on both fruits is different as well. The skin on the etrog is very thick whereas the skin of the lemon is really thin. Morah Lilli reminded us that we can compare it to tree bark. Bark on some trees is very thin and breaks easily. We saw that at the beginning of the week when we painted with the bark. At times the bark broke. But there are thick barks as well. We have both types of bark in the kitah.

We learned that green leaves have chlorophyll in them from the sun. Some leaves that are green are not really green underneath. We did an experiment with leaves to […]

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Cooking Club!

We kicked off our new cooking club this week with pancake making. The children read the recipe, measured and poured the ingredients, and mixed the batter. They observed the differences between dry ingredients and wet ingredients and even cracked the eggs by themselves! They also chose toppings for their pancakes and sliced bananas for a snack while they waited for the pancakes to cook. They watched the pan carefully. When the pancakes got bubbly in the middle, we knew they were ready.

Then the children very politely used forks and knives to eat them. They were delicious!


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It’s been a colorful week in the Butterfly class!

We have been learning all about Noach and the teyva (ark). We found pairs of all the animals in the ark and made each of their sounds. We know that it was very, very rainy for 40 days and 40 nights, and the teyva floated on the water and kept everyone safe.

We wondered what it really means to make something float. We decided to experiment. We got out our water table and put different things inside to see what happened. First, we tried pieces of pool noodles. They stayed on the top! We loved watching them bounce around. Then some of the children tried other objects in the water, like a toy tiger and cow, toy car, and even an esrog. We saw that some things, like the esrog, sank to the bottom.

The other thing we focused on this week was rainbows and colors, because when the rain stopped, a big rainbow came out. We looked at a picture of a rainbow to see which colors we could find. We noticed all of them – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. We sang a song –

“Red and orange and yellow and green

Shiny blue, purple too

All the colors that we know

Live in the rainbow”

Then we made our own rainbow. We started with a tray with 7 cups of water. What color is the water? The children thought it might be white. Each child had the chance to drip a little bit of food coloring into a cup to make a color. To make some of the colors like orange and purple, we even had to mix two colors together. Slowly we made… a rainbow! It was so exciting to see each color appear.


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Autumn leaves are falling down… in the Sunflowers

When we came back to school we did not waste any time heading outside to look at all the beautiful fall colors. We looked at the leaves on the trees and on the ground. The yeladim observed that the leaves on the trees were green and the leaves that were on the ground were different colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown. The yeladim had the opportunity to pick all sorts of different leaves from the ground. The leaves were all sorts of shapes and sizes. When we got back to the kitah they made a beautiful leaf collage that is hanging in our classroom. They also love to sing and our leaf song as well.

“All the leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down.

All the leaves are falling down, red, orange, yellow and brown.”

We will be exploring more about leaves in the upcoming weeks as well.

It was so great that after Succot we were able to hold and smell so many beautiful etrogim. Morah Lilli brought lemons into the kitah as well and the yeladim went straight to the two trays that were on the table. So many thoughts and comments were swirling around.

Negev- “The pitom on the lemon is different.”

Lauren- “The lemon feels squishy.”

Uriel- ” I have all the lemons.”

Simon- “This is bumpy and this is smooth.”

We will be keeping the lemons and etrogim out on our observation table for a long time. We will observe them every day and see what changes occur. We can’t wait to cut both of them open as well to see what they both look like inside!

We are so excited to start learning about the Parsha every week. It […]

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All the leaves are falling down! in the Butterfly Class

We noticed that the weather is getting chilly and we need to wear jackets. When we went outside to play, we looked to see what else might be changing, and noticed that the ground is covered in leaves! The trees are getting emptier. Luckily leaves are so much fun to collect, sort, and jump in. We’ve been exploring them in many ways. First we gathered red, yellow, and brown leaves in a basket. Some children inspected leaves close up with magnifying glasses. We jumped around in a big pile of them and let handfuls flutter to the ground.


We brought them inside and sorted them by color. We put the red leaves on a red paper, the yellow leaves on a yellow paper, and the brown leaves on a brown paper.

Then we used the rest of the leaves to paint with, creating a collaborative mural for our classroom wall. The leaves made very interesting paintbrushes!

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