We have been learning all about Noach and the teyva (ark). We found pairs of all the animals in the ark and made each of their sounds. We know that it was very, very rainy for 40 days and 40 nights, and the teyva floated on the water and kept everyone safe.

We wondered what it really means to make something float. We decided to experiment. We got out our water table and put different things inside to see what happened. First, we tried pieces of pool noodles. They stayed on the top! We loved watching them bounce around. Then some of the children tried other objects in the water, like a toy tiger and cow, toy car, and even an esrog. We saw that some things, like the esrog, sank to the bottom.

The other thing we focused on this week was rainbows and colors, because when the rain stopped, a big rainbow came out. We looked at a picture of a rainbow to see which colors we could find. We noticed all of them – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. We sang a song –

“Red and orange and yellow and green

Shiny blue, purple too

All the colors that we know

Live in the rainbow”

Then we made our own rainbow. We started with a tray with 7 cups of water. What color is the water? The children thought it might be white. Each child had the chance to drip a little bit of food coloring into a cup to make a color. To make some of the colors like orange and purple, we even had to mix two colors together. Slowly we made… a rainbow! It was so exciting to see each color appear.


After that, we made challah for Shabbat with a special addition – rainbow sprinkles. We poked, patted, kneaded, rolled, and stretched the challah dough as we mixed the sprinkles in.

We’ve been making rainbows everywhere – with the blocks, the pegs, and we even found rainbows on the floor upstairs where the sun was shining. 

Another day we will finger paint with all the rainbow colors.

We’ve also been continuing to explore the outdoors in many different ways, as well as revisiting the activities we already did. The children love to see their pictures and artwork on our classroom wall.

The leaves are still a big attraction, and we discovered something else that’s interesting – tree bark! We love to touch the trees and see how they feel. We wrapped big pieces of paper around two of the trees, brought crayons outside, and have been enjoying coloring on that vertical surface.


Last but not least, we enjoyed a very special Library time with three guests this week – Yair’s mother, Liat’s mother, and their uncle Eitan who came all the way from serving in the IDF in Israel to read to us. Thank you so much for coming!

Shabbat Shalom!