It was so fun having Ella’s mom read to us as our Library Guest. The children loved the books Ella and her mom chose.

There is nothing liking opening up coloring and cutting at the tables. The yeladim really love it and often ask when the next time we can cut and color. Stay tuned as well! We did so many other things this week!!


We got busy with our hands when we continued comparing and contrasting lemons and etrogim. But this time we cut them open to take a good look at both fruits. The first thing the yeladim observed was that the etrog had so many more seeds than the lemon. As Simon said, ” There are a million seeds!” They also observed that the etrog looked more white than the lemon. When we tried to squeeze the etrog for juice, we could not squeeze it at all! It was so hard to do. When we squeezed the lemon, all the juice easily went on the plate.

The skin on both fruits is different as well. The skin on the etrog is very thick whereas the skin of the lemon is really thin. Morah Lilli reminded us that we can compare it to tree bark. Bark on some trees is very thin and breaks easily. We saw that at the beginning of the week when we painted with the bark. At times the bark broke. But there are thick barks as well. We have both types of bark in the kitah.

We learned that green leaves have chlorophyll in them from the sun. Some leaves that are green are not really green underneath. We did an experiment with leaves to see what color leaves really are. Leaves were taken from a plant in the classroom. We ripped them up and put them in a glass container. Morah Lilli then poured alcohol on the leaves. They then were covered with plastic wrap and placed in a bowl of very hot water. We waited at least an hour. We then stuck a coffee filter in the jar. The underlying color of the leaf is supposed to transfer to the coffee filter. But no color transferred to the filters all! We figured out why. The leaves on the plant in the classroom are not exposed to the sun. We did the same experiment with leaves from outside. We are waiting to see what color is on the coffee filter. Stay tuned!


We continued learning about Parshat Bereishit. Hashem continued on Day Five to make the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky. We filled up a huge tub of water and placed foam and plastic fishes in the tub. Oh, the fun they had playing in the water! We went back to the Art Studio and added birds in the sky to our Day Two picture that we painted on the plexiglass. Such artists we have!

On Day Six Hashem created Adam and Chava, the first man and woman in the world. He also made all the animals. The yeladim loved digging their little hands in the container full of all different kinds of plastic animals. They even took the wooden blocks and created homes and towers for them. Very clever!

On Day Seven Hashem did not create anything. Hashem gave us Shabbos. What a gift! How appropriate it was that we had the opportunity to make challah. The yeladim loved rolling and squishing the dough. We will have the opportunity to make challah every week!  Have a great Shabbos!

We look forward to our Healthy Snack Calendar beginning next week.

Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit