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Pancakes with the Bears… in the Sunflowers

Even though it was so cold outside we were very warm in the Sunflower class. As we continued to focus on The Mitten by Jan Brett, we decorated our very own mittens like Niki had in the book. Our “snow white mittens” were decorated with all different types of white materials that we were able to find in school. White fabric, feathers, pom poms, streamers and coffee filters. We will be sewing the mittens and then be creating all the animals that go into it from the story. We love reading this book over and over again. Especially at the end when the bear sneezes!

Our parsha project is finished. The yeladim know how to switch Yaacov’s hands! So his right hand is on Efraim’s and his left hand is on Menashe’s.


On Thursday we had such an amazing time during our Hibernation party! We were able to put our stuffed animals in our caves! They will be sleeping all winter! We loved making our chocolate chip pancakes and even loved eating them with our bears. The best part was being able to wear our pajamas all day!

Thursday’s is our baking challah day. So as you can see we did a lot of mixing and rolling and shaping today.

Since winter has officially arrived, the kitah decided it was time to make new playdough for us to share.”What type of playdough should we make?” We all agreed to make “Winter playdough!”  We will let you know how we make it!

Have a great Shabbos!


Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit

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Winter wonderland in the Butterfly Class

We are slowly transforming our classroom into a snowy winter wonderland!

We used white paint and glitter on aluminum foil to create snowy masterpieces. It was interesting to paint on the crinkly foil.


We also created snowflakes to hang on our tree.

We’ve been having fun experimenting with ice. One thing we did was freeze a big block of ice with some little toys inside. We used hammers and screwdrivers to break it apart and find the hidden treasures. It was also fun to use our hands to melt the ice away.

More snowy fun to come as well as our hibernation pajama party tomorrow!

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Winter has arrived in the Sunflower class

It is so cold outside! It was perfect timing that we made our snowflakes for our bulletin board! On  the yeladim spread glue with a spoon on wax paper. Then they added Q-tips around the glue so it looked like a sun with rays all the way around it. They sprinkled shiny glitter on the glue and then let it dry over the weekend. We peeled the glue with the Qtips off the wax paper and the snowflakes look amazing! LET IT SNOW!

We enjoyed celebrating Shabbat party with Negev and his family!! It was also his birthday on Friday!! Happy Birthday, Negev!

Lieba’s Mommy was our library guest and she read a great book about the mitzvah of returning things that are lost. Thank you for coming!

Since we are now focusing on Hibernation, the caves that we made needed snow added to the top. We mixed shaving cream and glue and the yeladim loved to spread the “snow” with their little hands all over the top of the caves.

We discussed parshat Vayechi. Yosef wanted Yaacov to give his two sons Menashe and Ephraim a bracha. Menashe was the oldest and Ephraim was the younger one. When Yaacov placed his hands on the two sons, his right hand was on Menashe because he was the oldest and his left hand was on Ephraim. But then Yaacov switched his hands! His right hand was on Ephraim and his left hand was on Menashe! Their father  Yosef was confused. He asked his father Yaacov “Why did you switch your hands?” Yaacov told Yosef that Ephraim will be more important than Menashe.

For their parsha projects the yeladim colored  Menashe […]

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Bears are sleeping… in the Sunflowers

The smell of the donuts frying permeated the whole school! The yeladim and some of the Mommy’s and Daddy’s helped shape the donuts into little small balls. Morah Lilli took a turn with the frying and in about five minutes the yeladim were able to decorate their donuts with icing and sprinkles. After donut making, we created our own edible Chanukiahs. A banana was the base and pretzels were the candles as well as mini marshmallows were the flames. They looked adorable and the yeladim loved eating away at them!

For our special trip on Wednesday to the JCC, the yeladim decorated a tray on which to put all the Chanukah cookies that they baked. They took two colors of purple tissue paper and glued them on the bottom side of the tray. It really looked beautiful all wrapped when we gave it to the elderly people.

On Wednesday morning we went to the JCC. The yeladim had a chance to sing Chanukah songs while Rabbi Mischel strummed his guitar.  The yeladim then handed out all the Chanukah cookies that we made. Thank you to all Mommy’s and the Rabbi who drove us there! We had such a nice time!

Since Negev’s birthday is this week, we painted a picture frame for him as well as decorated the inside of the frame with all the things that he picked in the supply closet. It looks fantastic! The cupcakes that we made for Negev’s birthday look delicious and so were the challahs that we made!

Thursday was the first day of winter. It feels like winter outside but there is no snow. We talked about Hibernation and what animals do when it gets too cold for them. […]

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Winter is here in the Butterfly Class!

Winter is here! In the winter it’s very cold outside and snows a lot. Since it already snowed two times this year we talked about what we remember about it – it’s wet, white, and very cold to touch. During the winter we need to bundle up in coats, hats, scarves, and maybe even gloves. We began reading books about winter this week, and learned about hibernation. We read one book called “It’s Time to Sleep” that is our new favorite.

We decided to make our own cave so we could hibernate inside of it or let our stuffed animals hibernate. We painted a big box brown and will turn it into a cave soon.

We played with shaving cream and loved it! It was messy and so much fun. It reminded us of snow because it’s white and felt cool to touch. We made lines and dots with our fingers in the shaving cream and even made piles of it on the table. We also discovered that if you hold a little bit on your finger, you can blow it off onto the table! We can’t wait to do it again another day.



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So many Chanukah visitors in the Butterfly Class!

We are so lucky that so many mothers and fathers came to join us for more exciting Chanukah activities this week!

We decorated doughnuts with the help of Liat’s mother, Yair’s mother, and Chaya Feiga’s mother. There were so many decoration options to choose from – chocolate frosting, vanilla frosting, blue, white, and silver sprinkles, and regular and white chocolate chips.

After that we made menorahs out of bananas, pretzels, and marshmallows. First each child stuck a marshmallow on the top of the pretzels to be like the candles. Then they stuck the pretzels into the bananas. They looked just like menorahs and they tasted delicious.

The next day we did a special Chanukah craft with Yosef’s mother, Daniela’s father, and Caleb’s mother. We glued squares of tissue paper onto a white paper and then put a cutout of a dreidel on top. You can see the colorful dreidel through the outline!

We also played in a rice sensory bin with dreidels hidden inside.

All in all, it was a great Chanukah week!

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Painting picture frames and frying latkes… in the Sunflowers

This has been such an amazing week in the Sunflower class. We enjoyed having some parents coming into our kitah and helping the yeladim paint beautiful picture frames as well as peeling and grating potatoes for making latkes.  They tasted so yummy! Thank you to ALL the parents who were able to come to our kitah and to some fun things for Chanukah!

The yeladim loved the Chanukiah game that we started to play last week. Each child got a paper Chanukiah in front of them. They rolled a die and looked at the number. Once they recognized the number, they counted candles that were the same number as on the die and put them on their Chanukiah. They really feel good when they know their numbers and we have played that game many times in the kitah.

They also had fun taking candles that were on the table and putting them in different types of Chanukiot. You could hear some children say, “Don’t forget the Shamash”!

We baked twice last Thursday. First, we made delicious cupcakes for Lauren’s birthday party that took place last Friday. We also shaped our challah dough for our small challah rolls.

In last week’s Parsha Mikeitz, the yeladim learned that King Paroah had two dreams. Seven skinny cows came out of the water and then seven fat cows came out of the water. Then the seven skinny cows ate the seven fat cows. His second dream was like the first. Seven thin stalks of wheat ate the seven thick stalks of wheat. The king brought Yosef to explain to him what the dreams meant. […]

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Chanukah fun in the Butterfly Class

It snowed again! We went right out after arrival to play in the snow. The children felt it crunching under their boots and made snowballs. They noticed that it was white and cold. Brrr! But it was fun!

We made latkes today, with JJ’s, Noam’s, and Zachary’s moms. Thank you for your help! The children peeled and grated the potatoes, then mixed in eggs, salt, and grated onions. While they were frying we made our challahs and read books. It was a busy morning


We’ve also been lighting our large menorah together with the Sunflower class each day. First we put in the shamash, then the other candles, then use the shamash to light. We sing the brachot together as well as Maoz Tzur.

We still have more days of Chanukah to enjoy! Can’t wait to see what celebrations will come next!

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First candle… in the Sunflowers

Chanukah is tonight and the yeladim are ready to light their gorgeous Chanukiahs that they made. They know the drip tray goes underneath the Chanukiah to catch all the wax that drips from the candles. Not only do the yeladim know WHAT to do during Chanukah, they really know WHY we do what we do. Hope you enjoy your first night with your children.

The yeladim loved playing with the candles and the different Chanukiot that were on the table. They were counting and pretending to light the Shamash. It gave us such joy to watch them just playing with all their knowledge in their little heads!

Music with Morah Jill was amazing. The yeladim danced like Maccabees and danced like flickering candles.

It really got us in the mood to bake our Chanukah sugar cookies! The yeladim patted the dough and used adorable Chanukah cookie cutters for the special Chag. Then they sprinkled blue and white sprinkles as well as shiny silver glitter onto the cookies. Hope you enjoy them and we will be eating them in school! Yum!

We had some musical instrument time to shake our instruments to the tune of “ Al Hanissim”. We discussed that this song is sung during Chanukah and the yeladim really loved the beat of this song. They started dancing to the music as well!

We were excited to paint Lauren’s picture frame for her birthday as well as decorate the canvas that is going to go inside the frame. Lauren picked out such pretty things!

We cannot wait for all our special visitors during the great Chanukah week in school! Happy Chanukah!

Morah […]

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Light play in the Butterfly Class

As Chanukah is the festival of lights, we enjoyed some exciting light play this week. The children loved seeing the shadows on the wall made by their hands, hair, and loose parts placed on the projector. We put buttons, magnatiles, and even a water bottle on it and each one had a different shadow. It was fun to try to catch the shadows as we moved the pieces around.

We’ve been making menorahs out of all different materials including big Legos. We enjoy using the different colors to make all the candles while singing our favorite song “One little, two little, three little candles…” Another fun activity was placing blocks on the outline of a menorah on our rug.

The children collaborated on a big Chanukah mural, using stamps, stickers, and dot paints for a multi-faceted project. We did this over two days and it was a hit!


We can’t wait for all our special visitors during the great Chanukah week in school!  Happy Chanukah!

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