Even though it was so cold outside we were very warm in the Sunflower class. As we continued to focus on The Mitten by Jan Brett, we decorated our very own mittens like Niki had in the book. Our “snow white mittens” were decorated with all different types of white materials that we were able to find in school. White fabric, feathers, pom poms, streamers and coffee filters. We will be sewing the mittens and then be creating all the animals that go into it from the story. We love reading this book over and over again. Especially at the end when the bear sneezes!

Our parsha project is finished. The yeladim know how to switch Yaacov’s hands! So his right hand is on Efraim’s and his left hand is on Menashe’s.


On Thursday we had such an amazing time during our Hibernation party! We were able to put our stuffed animals in our caves! They will be sleeping all winter! We loved making our chocolate chip pancakes and even loved eating them with our bears. The best part was being able to wear our pajamas all day!

Thursday’s is our baking challah day. So as you can see we did a lot of mixing and rolling and shaping today.

Since winter has officially arrived, the kitah decided it was time to make new playdough for us to share.”What type of playdough should we make?” We all agreed to make “Winter playdough!”  We will let you know how we make it!

Have a great Shabbos!


Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit