We are all talking about the cold. We might not like it, but the yeladim agree it is very appropriate for what we are discussing in our class. For the past two weeks we have been reading the wonderful book The Mitten. We have been reading it every day. We started talking about how we keep warm and what we wear to keep parts of our bodies warm! We all focused on what we wear to keep our hands warm. Mittens of course! We decorated a pair of mittens with different types of fabric and now we have them hanging on our Keep Warm bulletin board. They really look so cute!

Rabbi Mischel was our Library Guest this week and he read a book about all the things that Hashem created for us in the world. Then he ended the book with all the yeladim singing the song “Hashem is here”. The yeladim thought he was so funny!

We cannot have the season of winter without making our winter playdough. The yeladim added glitter “snowflakes” to the dough and now we can play with it every day throughout the winter!

We started the second book of the Torah, Sefer Shmot. Such an exciting beginning to the story of Moshe. The mean King Paroh did not treat the Yehudim in Mitzrayim very nicely. He made them work all day and all night. He decided he did not want any Jewish boy babies being born. He told all the Mitzrim that any Jewish boy baby should be thrown into the river! You should have seen the yeladim’s faces. They could not believe what Morah Lilli said. We told them that sometimes when Morah Lilli says the story she cannot believe what she says herself!

Yocheved gave birth to a baby boy and in order to save him, she put him in a basket in the river. She pushed the basket away from her and hid in the bullrushes to see what will happen to her beautiful baby boy.

Batya, King Paroah’s daughter was bathing in the river when she heard a baby cry. She found this baby in a basket and decided to keep him. She named him Moshe and he was brought to the palace where he was raised. The yeladim painted baskets in which to put their own baby Moshe.

We hope everyone “Keeps Warm.”

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit