After our snow day we came to school and saw that there was so much snow on the ground. We decided to paint on it! We filled up spray bottles with colorful water and went outside. It was fun to spray the snow and watch it turn colors. Using the spray bottles is also good exercise for our hand muscles.

We came inside and made fake snow out of conditioner and baking soda. We measured and poured each of the ingredients and then mixed it together until it turned into a snowy white mixture. It felt a little like real snow but not as cold. We were able to make snowballs and even a snowman with it!

We compared the fake snow to some real snow that we brought inside, and noticed that the real kind was much colder and icier. Here are some things the children said about the snow.

“I don’t like the snow.”




“It’s a pile.”

We talked about what we wear in the winter to stay warm. We remembered that everyone in our class wore a coat to school, and  some people in our class wore scarves and gloves or mittens. We decorated our own mittens with tissue paper squares and hung them in our classroom. We’re going to make scarves next!

Last but not least we’ve been having fun with bubbles in the gym. Look at these excited faces! We love to try to catch and pop the bubbles as they float.